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YORKFILM 2401Joseph Kispal- KovacsFall

FILM 2401- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 42 pages long!)

OC35675542 Page
Purpose of this course: to develop an understanding of the role that the mass media plays in society. Content: an overview of the history of the film a
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YORKFILM 2230Suzie YoungWinter

[FILM 2230] - Final Exam Guide - Everything you need to know! (29 pages long)

OC59853929 Page
Unnoticed of frame, y on wall, story unfolding. No time to stop to think about image, you would miss things that go on in between. Good mothers make su
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YORKFILM 2200Seth FeldmanFall

FILM 2200 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Cinema Of The United States, Antikythera Mechanism, Kuselan

OC59853955 Page
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YORKFILM 2200Robin MetcalfeWinter

FILM 2200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Spalding Gray, Well-Woman Examination, Hippie

OC265599812 Page
Roots back to western theatre where they share a god or festival. The traditions that continue to influence theatre today in europe, canada etc. Traced
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YORKFILM 2200Robin MetcalfeWinter

FILM 2200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Diegesis, Medium Shot, Low Key

OC265599816 Page
Sequence analysis (short essay, no set amount of words) 1st viewing: focus on content - specific shots, moments, environment 2nd viewing: focus on form
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YORKFILM 2401Joseph Kispal- KovacsFall

FILM 2401 Study Guide - Final Guide: Family Viewing, Radio Free Asia, Transmedia Storytelling

OC3567554 Page
Private television stations had an ally, the american government they did not promote education television, but actively discouraged it: defeat of the
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YORKFILM 2010Barbara EvansFall

FILM 2010 Study Guide - Final Guide: Reverberation, Direct Cinema, Telephoto Lens

OC59853914 Page
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YORKFILM 1400John Mc CulloughFall

FILM 1400 Final: Film Art: An Introduction - Exam Review + Practise Tests

OC59853922 Page
Wednesday march 23 = week potential essay questions (see week 23 lecture notes) Example: flipping and combining images like a ip book. Film speed < pro
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YORKFILM 2401Joseph Kispal- KovacsFall

FILM 2401 Final: Test 4

OC4557141 Page
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YORKFILM 2401Joseph Kispel KovacsFall

FILM 2401 Study Guide - Final Guide: Pearl Harbor, The Big Valley, Elmer Davis

OC3688878 Page
Ww2 officially began in 1939 when germany invaded poland. The us maintained a position of strict isolationism -neutrality. This neutrality ended with t
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YORKFILM 2401Nigel JosephFall

FILM 2401 Study Guide - Final Guide: Howa, Dysfunctional Family, Cuban Missile Crisis

OC3330314 Page
Reasons why western film fell: urban society became less and less interested in stories about the rural past, fall of western film coincided with rebir
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YORKFILM 1400Tess TakahashiWinter

FILM 1400 Study Guide - Final Guide: Thumb, Super 8 Film, Cartesian Coordinate System

OC9264739 Page
It is a cinema based on the quality that leger celebrated: its ability to show something. The cinema of attractions construts a different relationship
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