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Study Guides for FILM 1400 at York University

Film Art: An Introduction

FILM 1400 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sepp Herberger, Long Shot, Low Key

EXAM: Monday, Dec 4th 2017 Sequence Analysis (Short Essay, no set amount of words) -Recommend spending the first hour on it -1st viewing: Focus on content - specific shots, moments, environment... -2nd viewing: Fo...

FILM 1400
Tess Takahashi
FILM 1400 Final: Film Art: An Introduction - Exam Review + Practise Tests

Film Art: An Introduction Exam Review Saturday March 12 = Week 13 Sunday March 13 = Week 14 Monday March 14 = Week 15 Tuesday March 15 = Week 16 Wednesday March 16 = Week 17 Thursday March 17 = Week 18 Friday March 18 = W...

FILM 1400
John Mc Cullough
FILM 1400 Study Guide - Final Guide: Thumb, Super 8 Film, Cartesian Coordinate System

Tom Gunning – Cinema of Attractions What is the cinema of attraction? - It is a cinema based on the quality that Leger celebrated: its ability to SHOW something. - Discussing early cinema- before 1906 - ...

FILM 1400
Tess Takahashi
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