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FILM 1701
Michael Zryd

Film History Timeline Film History Timeline [You are not responsible for information in brackets] 1893 Edison/Dickson: Kinetoscope 1895 Lumière Brothers exhibit Cinematographe, Paris Lumière Brothers: Workers Leaving the Factory; Arrival of a Train at a Station; The Hoser Hosed [discovery of X-rays] [Marconi sends and receives radio signal] 1896 Méliès begins filmmaking Edison: The Kiss 1897 [discovery of the electron] [first US comic strip] 1899 first magnetic recording of sound 1900 Freud: “The Interpretation of Dreams” 1901 [Ragtime jazz begins] [first transatlantic radio signal] 1902 Méliès: A Trip to the Moon 1903 Porter: The Great Train Robbery; Life of an American Fireman; Uncle Tom’s Cabin [Wright brothers fly airplane] [first baseball World Series] 1904 [subway opens, NYC] [first telegraphic transmissions of photographs] 1905 Porter: The Kleptomanaic mutiny on Battleship “Potemkin” [Einstein’s theory of relativity] 1906 1,000 nickelodeons in US average film length: 10 min. [Victrola (record player) marketed] 1907 Cubism begins, Paris 1908 Griffith begins filmmaking, American Mutoscope and Biograph [Model T production begins] 1909 Griffith: A Corner in Wheat Gertie the Dinosaur (animated film) 35mm becomes standard film gauge worldwide [Peary reaches North Pole] [Futurist manifesto] [NAACP formed, NYC] 1910 Star system begins as performers get screen credit first newsreels, France 1911 Griffith: The Lonedale Operator 1912 Guazzoni: Quo vadis? (Italian feature length spectacle) Méliès: Conquest of the Pole daily film admissions: 5 million viewers majority of film production shifts to LA (Hollywoodland) from East Coast [Duchamp: “Nude Descending a Staircase”] [“Titanic” sinks] 1913 Chaplin begins film career 1914 France’s Pathé most powerful film company in world first movie palace, “The Strand Theater” opens, NYC WWI begins, Europe [first transcontinental telephone call] 1915 Griffith: The Birth of a Nation Chaplin: The Tramp Delluc begins writing on film in newspapers Munsterberg: The Photoplay: A Psychological Study 1916 Griffith: Intolerance [jazz popular through US] Dada movement begins, Zurich [first US birth control clinic opens] 1917 Chaplin: The Immigrant UFA (Germany) formed Russian Revolution US enters WWI 1918 WWI ends; US film dominates worldwide [women over 30 get vote in UK] 1919 Weine: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Movietone News, first US newsreel United Artists (distribution) formed: Chaplin, Griffith, Fairbanks, Pickford Tri-Ergon sound-on-film process invented [race riots in Chicago] 1920 Griffith: Way Down East Kuleshov begins montage experiments in workshop in Moscow rise of alternative cinema network and ciné-clubs in France [first radio station with regular programming, Pittsburgh] [women get vote in US] 1921 massive inflation in Germany 1922 Murnau: Nosferatu Flaherty: Nanook of the North (early feature documentary) Vertov: Kino-Pravda newsreels [Joyce: “Ulysses”] [Eliot: “The Waste Land”] beginnings of surrealist movement rise of fascism, Italy: Mussolini 1923 Dulac: The Smiling Mme. Beudet television camera tube developed (Zworykin)] [DeForest makes short sync sound films 1924 Keaton: Sherlock Jr. Murnau: The Last Laugh Eisenstein:
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