FILM 2401 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Prime Time Access Rule, Vertical Integration, Impossible Mission

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Chapter 12 network domination of us television (1959-1971) Between 1959 and 1971, the big three television networks (nbc, cbs, abc) experienced their greatest level of power and influence. This was the time when the single sponsor system was replaced by multiple sponsors. This weakened the power of advertisers over the networks. Also the period where networks produced or coproduced their own programming; creating a level of vertical integration not seen in movie industries since big 5 movie studios of 30s and 40s. Owned or co-owned 91% of programs in primetime by 1965 and began buying local television stations in largest cites controlled distribution. The big three networks were criticized from many for the poor perceived quality of their programming. The chairman of the fcc newton minnow expressed this dissatisfaction in 1961. He threatened television station owners that he would consider not renewing their licenses if they did not clean up their act.