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FILM 2401
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

Lecture 1. Film 2401A Evolution of movies • First movies appeared in france, in 1890's • Emergence of photography in 1830's • documentary films, scenes from every day life • 1877 muybridge set up natter ca,eras amd sjowed fill stired • Requires tech innovation before film could appear, early development of photography and art. Multiple phots illusion of movies • The Horse in motion (eadweard Muybridge) - series of photgraphs that creates illusion of movement. Peep Show • Kinetescope- film through projectors.edison company invented it in 1893- 1894charging at amusmtent parks.viewed by one person at a time see moving images Film Projection • Auguste and louis lumiere invented motion pictures. 1895 - machine capture moving images and project back - first exhibition of projected motion pictures. - only shoot 45 seconds of film - produced photgraphic equipment - from france. • In 1895 held screening for paying audiende market begging of cinmea or movies • edison launched vitasope projector late 1800;s to compete with brother • Inital films were static no movement. movment within the frame, scenes of everyday life, Were in reality just documentaries also known as early films • Fictional film displaced documentries in 1907 • Movies were looked down upon, for the lower class society. (working class people), Imgrated class, could not speak english. Social Context • coneslelation of commetical cutlrural activites • amustment parks • caudeville theatres - more expensive attracted iddle class audience, wealthy armericas shunned movies - live perforamnces movies first permanenet home for thaters - exhbition • silent fiml attracted immigrant audiences • first mass art entertaninment forms. • production - orgnized around wone person cameraman - edison suing all competitors. lumiere brothers left american markets rapidl • distribution weak ling - only ehcibtion houses Film as working class medium • cinmea that had mainly working class audnince primiarly centered on the converns of american worksrs. • most of these before 1927 no longer exsist • cheap films. • didnt need to rely on lauguage, cented int mertorpolitan cities NY Fictional Films. • Adopt melodramatic traditions, contrast between good and bad such as villians and heros. from theatre as well • paint on frame to get some color. • The Train robbery movie- First blockbuster movie. very contreverisal thought it would influence the public eye. • Although Documentry films continue to be made known as news reels, which would show worldly events. a part of the movies • Experience of going to movies meant numerous films. Placement
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