FINE 2000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Risk-Free Interest Rate, Risk Premium, Yield Curve

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16 Jul 2016

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Must discount the expected future cash flows at an appropriate discount rate. Price of bond = pv of coupon payments + pv of principle r = discount rate; required rate of return, ytm, cost of capital. Discount rate is made up of risk free rate + risk premium. Risk free rate is return on us gov bond b/c that security is considered most safe. Payment at the maturity is called the face value or par value: assume coupon is unless otherwise stated. Annualized rate of return = (annualized coupon income + price change) / investment. Ann coupon income = (1 + period coupon rate)^# of periods. After tax interest income = income(1 -tax rate) After tax capital income = cap gain -cap gain/2(tax rate) Look at sensitivity of price changes for bond yields, as maturity increases. Longer maturity has more volatile price changes for a given change in yield.

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