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Did the EU create “Europe”? Did NAFTA create “North America”? Why or why not?  4 Paragraph (Note this one is really difficult, I’d advise against doing it) o Introduction o EU and Europe o NAFTA and North America o Conclusion  Intro o Via these agreements regions have become more solidified and stronger in their sense because they provide the group with a sense of belonging to each other via trade o Can also show the help they are willing to provide in order to help people in their regions, like Greece in the EU o EU – the European union, consisting of 27 countries in Europe  Extending to Eastern Europe o NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement  European Union and Europe o Created an Eastern boundary of Europe  Illegal for people to pass o United the people via a currency and trade agreements allowing for international, intraunion, bonds to become stronger  This leads to a unification that provides a stronger economy and sense of region as “Europe”  Greater flow of people and flow of trade within the region, but outside of the region there is an immense “othering” o Spirit of cooperation prevails as Europe sets aside nationalistic agendas and works toward regional economic, political and cultural integration.  Regional economic integration occurs via free trade, loans, and general help for example Greece is struggling and is being helped by the EU, mostly!  Political – the EU has two capitals of Brussels and Straussberg, where there are leaders of the EU and they meet, essentially creating one regional government  Cultural integration is that everyone is “European”, thus relating themselves to the larger region of Europe  NAFTA and North America o Anthony De Palma believe
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