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GEOG 1000

What are the strengths and weaknesses of talking about the world in terms of its “regions”? Discuss with references to specific examples from at least two regions.  5 Paragraph Essay o Intro o Strength o Weakness, ex. 1 o Weakness, ex. 2 + point o Conclusion  Intro o Human beings commonly compress info into sterotypes, this is what a region is  A spatial stereotype in order to compress information to set places apart from other places  Issue: there is a gradual, not absolute effect, so adjacent regions have immense influences on each other, not always recognized  can be compared the gradual rise of mountain regions (Rowntree)  “NO REGION IS HOMOGENOUS THROUGHOUT AN AREA”  There may be a single characteristic that unites, but there is diversity (Rowntree) o Fragmentation and fuzzy regions do not allow regions to truly be completely beneficial. In comparison, overall it appears that the weaknesses of regions outweigh the benefits when attempting to speak accurately about the world.  Strength o Allows humans to analyze large areas more easily by allowing an organizing tool o Attempt to find discrepancies between different regions so that comparisons can occur o Allows for certain trade agreements to be made due to the similarities witnessed via regions (NAFTA, EU)  Weakness 1 o North America  Large differentiation between Canada and USA’s general reputation vs. Mexico  Mexico is considered developing and NAFTA is making this hard on Mexico because as Manzell’s article stated that trade is tough on developing countries  One may say t
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