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GEOG 1000
Ulrich Best

Geography 1000 Mid-Term Exam Study Questions (Fall 2012): 1. Borders are closely linked with the governance of states, their international relations, and the make-up of their populations. How have the functions of borders in North America changed since the 1800s? Focus on either the US-Mexican or the Canada-US border.  2. Canada prides itself on being a multicultural society. Has Canada always been multicultural? How has this changed, and are there still effects of earlier policies in the definition of who is “Canadian”?  3. Films, novels, comic books, and other media do not exist in a vacuum, but are situated in a specific social/political setting that they reflect on or are influenced by. Explain how popular culture is related to th the changing geopolitical world orders in the 20 Century, using media examples from different world orders.  4. Canada’s provinces are not equal. They have different economic conditions, social structures, wage levels, etc. How can Canada’s equalization payments and other transfers be interpreted as a form of regional policy? Briefly explain how these transfers compare to other forms of regional policy.  5. North American electoral geography is characterized by a very specific role of space in political representation and elections. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this role of territoriality? Explain using examples from both Canada and
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