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Lecture 1 Geographic LiteracyJanuary03121212 PMLecture OutlineIntroduction geographic literacyKey ConceptsSpace LocationPlaceDistance DistributionRegionPerceptionSummaryConclusionReadings Read Introductionskim Chapter 1Chapter 2 skim pp4857 focus on pp5767 for today and pp 6777 for next classConcepts Space Location and PlaceSpaceareal extent1 Absolute spaceObjective and measureableImportant for the description and explanation of spatial patterns2 Relative spaceSubjective open for interpretationDistort the actual spaceAbsolute space mathematical projections ie Maps of the WorldRelative space subway system ie Topological mapsLocationrefers to a particular position in space Absolute location using predetermined grid coordinate system ie Latitude and Longitude1Relative location open to interpretation ie Takes a long time to reach a location2Nominal or toponym location name that we give to particular locations ie MDCL 13053Contested Ex A city in northern Ireland City of Dairy Republican Catholic or iCity of London Dairy Protestants BritishPlacea location which has some particular significant meaning or identity attached to iteg Childhood home essentially all other homes are the same however your home has a significant meaning to you specificallyLocationculturalhuman meaningplaceSense of place personally significant attachment Local and regional characteristics of culture flavorWe go to places because of the unique flavor that is added by different culturesSacred placesCemeteries monuments churchesConcepts Place ContdPlacelessnesshomogeneousstandardized and standardizationExamples Walmart and McDonaldsConcepts DistanceDistanceamount of space between two or more locationsAbsolutephysical distance physical measurement of that spaceeg KilometersTravel distance relative measure of distanceeg Takes 10 minutes to get to a locationEconomiccommunication distance monetary relationeg FedEx will charge more in the case that the country is fartherPsychological distance varies depending on your psychological conditioneg Perception think about the distance the bar and your home Travelling in the afternoon its not very far Travelling that distance might be longer in the nightDistributionthe distance between various phenomena and how are those things organized in space GEO 1HA3 Page 1 spaceGeographic phenomena distanceorganizationDensity a measure of how many of the phenomena there are in a predetermined space1A ratio number of peoplearea living in this areaMaking the Point Distribution DensityConcentrationDispersion how something is spread over an area2Clustered agglomerated on average the distance between those phenomena is small Dispersed scattered on average the distance between those phenomena is largeMaking the Point Distribution DispersionPattern the spatial arrangement of objects3Linear stations in a subway stopRandom arranged randomlyUniformOrdered houses in a suburb all spread out evenly and in uniform fashionConcepts RegionRegion tool to simplify the complex earth and its patterns and processes into more manageable piecesConcepts PerceptionPerceptionPersonal lensMental maps Imperfect knowledgeWhat individuals perceiveto be correct or true is what informs their behaviorConcepts Perception ContdPerception mental maps is what matters not realityConclusionSummaryGeographic literacyYou should be familiar with each of these concepts and use them freely in your written work and oral discussions in this classNext class We will introduce one of the geographers greatest and widely used tools the mapPlease be sure to read pp 6777 GEO 1HA3 Page 2 Lecture 2 MappingJanuary1012834 AMMaps are twodimensional graphical representations of the world and depict spatial relationshipsMaps are used to communicate informationAnalysis of spatial informationMake sense of distribution densityMaps are socially constructedMaps reflect the power of the people that produce themCartographer creates a map that reflects certain viewpointsExample stamp from Argentina reflect that part of Antarctica as a part of ArgentinaRead maps with a critical eyeThinking about maps in a critical wayTelling Lies ViaMapsLies Damn Lies and StatisticsIntroduction what are mapsTelling Lies via MapsSocialCultural History of MapsMappingKey Considerations for ProducingUnderstanding MapsScalePerspectiveProjectionMap TypeGeographic Information Systems GISSummaryConclusionReadings Ch 2 pp 6777IntroductionMaps are twodimensional graphical representations of the world and depict spatial relationshipsMaps used to communicate informationMaps analyze spatial informationMaps socially constructedTelling Lies via MapsLies Damn Lies and StatisticsHow to Lie With Maps M Monmonier 1996 Small scale mapsLinesArea featuresWhite lies vs Big liesWhite lies small scale innocent liesBig lies large scaleCritical eyeDoes the map reflect the truth Or does it reflect the opinion of the cartographerSocialCultural History of MapsMappingSolving spatial problemsEvidence of pictographs maps of cave drawings that was used to communicate information to other people ie Hunting purposesNavigational ChartMapKey for survivalex Navigational map from the people in Marshal Islands depict how to transport from ones self from island to anotherMaps GEO 1HA3 Page 3
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