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Geography of Everyday Life - Final Exam Outline .docx

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York University
GEOG 2075
Bruce Erickson

GEOG 2075 Geography of Everyday LifeFinal Exam Outline Exam Date December 6th 700900pm Steadman Lecture Hall APart 1Definitions 5 questions 15 marks Neoliberalisma political take on liberalism with an emphasis on economic growth free enterprise freedom of economics and politics to help the economy at any risk freedom to privatize in order to help economy promotes free market as the principle organizing elements of societymarket rests upon everyone fulfilling their own particular needs and desirescitizenships regulated forms of participation openness to international tradeunregulated market will increase economic growth reduce government regulation in anything that could diminish profitsLiminal Spacesan inbetween space in which cultures mix and interact a place of transitionexceptions that prove the rule confirming hegemonic ideals and return to the normaloffer a release to return to normal Homosocial Sphereplaces where nonsexual activities are exercised amongst the same genderssports soccer hockeythey hug tap butts strip clubswedding dress shippingcompliment each other visually Conspicuous Consumption conspicuous means clearly visible is spending of money on and acquiring of goodsservices to display economic power buyers income or accumulated wealthpowers as a means of attainingmaintaining a certain social status linked to Education of Consumption need to be educated on consumption to satisfy demands of capitalismdifferentiationsocial distinctions engender consumption of productslearning to consume becomes one of the main processes of socializationconsumption becomes an act of free will shaped by hegemonic ideas about statustaste the ability to spend without concern for monetary valueContemporary conspicuous consumption distinction has large role in cycle of consumption commodities can only fulfil this function if certain things are hidden in their consumption such as labour histories environmental impacts global inequalitiesthus we focus upon their symbolic value as much as their functional value Commodity fetishism the theory of commodity fetishism originated from Karl max believes that commodities have two forms 1 Material Form the physical design and form of the commodity 2 Valued form The value attached to the specific commodity in relation to other commodities thus the commodity is fetish because we imagine that the objects value is linked to its materiality in fact the value of a commodity is produced as a social valuecontradiction of the material costsex expensive shoes which are produced at a low costsBus Riders Union 1
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