GEOG 4410 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ecological Niche, Monte Desert, Thorny Dragon

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6 Apr 2019

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Geog 4410 test 2 notes: most of taxa and species in a desert are more closely related to species elsewhere in surrounding areas than other deserts despite often looking similar, e. g. Monte desert in south america: most species in monte desert are closely related to others in south america than to other deserts. Moloch horridus (australia) and phynosoma cornutum (north america: both reptiles that are morphologically very similar but genetically distinct, e. g. Both acquire water through channels and spines on back, have similar camouflage, armoured, similar diets: e. g. 5 rodents and 1 marsupial: all independently evolved from unspecialized rodent ancestors (except marsupial, all have: Long, tufted tails: brown + white colouring. Is there full community-level convergence in deserts: no. No two deserts are fully identical i. e. have similar species that occupy the same niches. Some species in one desert may exist in some species but not others.

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