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Midterm GREAT

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HEB 1000
Frank Falco

Aboriginal Peoples of the Southern Great LakesOntario and Quebec are focal points of industrialization and population which plays a significant role in driving the nation Other areas of the country are beginning to drive the nation natural resourcesrising population The defeat of the French in Quebec in 1769Had constituted a turning point in Canadian cultureColonialism Was used as a means of convertingoccupying inferior civilizations Imposition of foreign rule on another community Involves dispossessing original inhabitants of land Sometimes involves decimating the population but usually this is not possible in early period Settling the land with immigrantsJustified by ideology of worthiness are in some way inferior mentally physically through class civilization they are also technologically inferior Proceeds in different ways depending on size of indigenous population and scale of immigration This had occurred in the 1500s when countries had discovered the Americas Christianity was a belief that was used to covertconquer people to save their civilizationslivesMercantilism Within colonialism there are different economic systems which vary based on the level of organization Europeansthere are different phases European power attempts to control territory Where countries maintain their superiority in order to receive a consistent supply of goods through trade Closed economic systemth160019 century Mercantilism is closed countries maintain controlFrance and England These systems of control are what influence aboriginals opinions towards these countries as well as immigrants nonaboriginals Provides privileged access to colonial imports and Imperial exportsDifferent from free trade which emerges in early to mid1800sFormation of coloniesPrivate trading companiesAre organized by Merchants who are attempting to make a profit through trade The late 1607 in Virginia 1608 in New France Quebec are privately organized up until the late 1600s when they are taken control by countriesReligious coloniesColonies by conquestEngland masitustius and France Quebec and Acadia Direct political control emerges later as regions importance to European economies is recognizedTermsContact precontact or prehistoricIs when Europeans have direct face to face contact ColumbusFirst contact was around the 1500s1600 east north America protocontact or protohistoricWhere aboriginal people have not directly confronted Europeans they have been affected by them through exposure to European goodsSettler societiesAboriginal Amerindian First Nation Indian Native American nativesWhat is a tribe An Aboriginal community who live in the same geographical area same language marry to one another and they share common political and cultural practicesWhat is a ConfederacyIndividual tribes which form a common political front against an external enemy The St Lawrence River provides access to the oceanOntario and was a major entry point to Lake Ontario and southern Ontario Which had generated entry points to promote tradeWas extremely important for it was the main access point for trademovement ConclusionDiversity of aboriginal societies at time of contactIn southern Great Lakes horticultural societies that lay in path of westward movementColonialismBoth British and French will move through this area because of its central locationThe river below the St Lawrence was critical towards trade colonization and transportationIn this period Montreal is the hub which is strategically politically and economicallyoThis is through the variety of access pointes it provides to the St Lawrence OttawaoHudsons bay is another access foundation of the Hudsons bay companyEastern North AmericaoMikmaqis currently the largest indigenous population list on moodleoThese people live through fishing hunting deer caribou and moosedifficult to find and gathering which is the basis of their cultural social and economical status oTheir economy is not based on cultivation Meaning they are more spread out
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