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HIST 1050
Joseph Kispal- Kovacs

HISTORY EXAM NOTESEmancipation in Britain and America 18071865Britain Large support for emancipation by parliament in 1833 but introduced in two phases 1834 1838Compensation for slave owners but no reparations for slavesUSAEmancipation a consequence of civil warDone by presidential decreeNo consensus about abolition before 1865No compensation for slave owners and no reparations for slavesAct was passed in 1834 There was a brief phase act in 1838Lincoln didnt want an extension of slavery in new areas He wanted unions first then deal with slavesBritish never addressed the cast systemThe problem of race and slavery was tougher for the US than the British thUSA had slaves everywhere until early 19 centurySouthern slavery intensifiedUnder 1M slaves in British Caribbean 1838 and 4M in USA by 1860Geography and scale problemFreedoman American right denied blacks and people should encourage flight to lands of freedom Federal law banned federal agents to aid themNew york state started to abolishUnionist objectives new amendment to provide emancipation for children born of slaves Pressure on northern law makers ECONOMIC FACTORSEngland became a manufacturing societyUS used US slaves Cotton came from US slave youthUS south grew 60 of the worlds cotton US north benefitted from cotton consumption and tradeUS slavery integral to the economy POLITICAL FACTORSSmall antislavery movementGagging laws to stop antislavery petitions to congress and the senate particularly 23 of the presidents were southernersAntislavery movement very successful as a mobilizer of opinionMost presidents 17841865 were from the slave owning South WILLIAN LLOYD GARRISONRadical abolitionist Wanted slavery to become the issue Moral necessityHe burned the American constitution in public placesFREDERICK DOUGLASSTook a variety of jobs in slaveryManaged to escapeHad part in the ground railroad SOUTHERN ARGUMENTS FOR SLAVERYState rights and property rights should be respectedSouthern paternalism preferable to industrial market economyBritish abolition should not be imperial nor should it serve as a tocsin for revolt British abolition in West Indies was an economic disasterROAD TO EMANCIPATIONLincoln recognize constitutionality of slavery but prevent extension to new territories Elected president in 1860October 1859 John Brown insurrection in VirginiaSouth Carolina secede in December 1860 to be followed by others Not all slave states secedeWar terrifying destructive and seen in sacrificial terms The nation should be purged in fireAbolition by president proclamation in Jan 1861 designed to disrupt Confederacy and order racial relations in occupied territories Proclamation only applied in 1861 to blacks within unoccupied Confederate thstates Not until 1865 was the 13 Amendment passedThe American Civil War Causes and ConsequencesBehind the future of westward expansion lay the issue of whether American should entrench slavery but if slavery was a necessary cause of the conflict it was not a sufficient onePolitical polarization did not fall along slaveryantislavery linesCAUSESLong term conflicts slavery and the shape of westward expansion and hence the Union Preconditions for warContingent precipitant factors which heightened NorthSouth animosity after 1850Triggers Lincolns election and the insistence of the Union that secessions respect federal property within their statesAFTERMATCH OF ABOLITIONIn Britain Empire and Liberty ideologyIndentured labour to prop up the sugar economyIn USASouth lost war but won the battle for memoryDiscriminatory legislation v blacks based on state laws DesegregationBacked up by vigilante force
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