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HIST 1050
Nicholas Rogers

HIST 1050 FINAL EXAM REVIEW Charles Booth 1889, He mapped out the city of London in a series of poverty maps A response to the claim that 25% of Londoners were living in poverty The maps: poverty = 30-35% It showed where the poverty was located in London; diving London into 7 different categories based on economic standing and class The Map: includes a legend: Black = lowest class criminals Dark blue casual and very poor Light blue = moderately poor family Purple = mixed population of comfortable/ poor Pink = fairly comfortable population with good earnings Red = middle class Yellow = upper, wealthy classes st Charles Booths poverty survey was the 1 scientific approach to poverty conveying the idea of the separation of the rich and the poor Poverty is not determined by the region in some regions, both rich and poor population were found Related Terms: Zoot Suit Riot wealthy military institution in a poor Mexican-dominated neighbourhood in LA mixed region (poor/rich citizens) Lecture #28: Cities of Dreadful Delight (1860s-1920s) Jan 26,2012 (Hayleys lecture) Mary Wollstonecraft A feminist during the French Revolution of 1789 Fought for womens rights and womens status as citizens in a British society 1792, she wrote a book argued that women are not naturally interior to men, but appear to be simply because they lack education Argued that many middle class women were interested in making themselves attracted to men women should not comply with male standards of beauty There should be more to life than flirting and marriage for women Women should have the opportunity to work in the growing societies She fought for women to be treated as equals to men and the opportunity for women to gain an education + viewed as citizens She believed that if women were educated and made more rational, they could educate the next generation as a mother would for their child Related terms: womens struggles in social spaces outside of the home (ex. 20 c: women given opportunities of financial freedom as office clerks however, still got lower pay than men society viewed women as submissive to men in public space) ; Home, Work & Play: Miss Remington goes to work: Gender, Space, and Tech. at the dawn of the Information Age Lecture #13: Age of Revolutions and Industrialism (Nov 1,2011), Lecture#27: Feminism, Citizenship (1840-1928) (Jan24,2012) Dorothea Lange born on May 26, 1895, educated in photography at Columbia University in New York City opened a successful portrait studio, using pictures to demonstrate her thoughts Dorothea fashion is seen as boyish, with her wearing trousers and burae (hat) and never in a skirt. married a famous painter Maynard Dixon and had with him two boys. With the onset of the Great Depression, Dorothea turned her camera towards the streets Her studies of the unemployed and homeless captured the attention of local photographers and led to her employment with the federal Resettlement Administration (RA). She later divorce Dixon and married Paul Taylor, who educated her in social and political matters and together documented rural poverty, exploitation of sharecroppers and migrant labours. She worked with the RA to bring the poor and forgotten people to public attention through her photography. Her most famous picture called the Migrant Mother is both beautiful and sad to see a hard working mother has to migrant to farms to support her and children. These pictures demonstrated the population is in hardship and bring it to the view of the public to take action. Dorothea Langes pictures were beautifully done, attracting the viewers. Though the pictures kept to her style of portrait pictures, having people or object stage to relate the message she wants to the viewers. Lecture: Dorothea Lange: (Two perspectives on the Great Depression- Feb 16, 2012) Pirates and Gender (Ann Bonny, Mary Read) period of pirates was from 1660-1730 over 3000 pirates, however only 120 were actually known. This is because once a pirate was caught and hanged their identity was made public. The average pirate was 27 years old, but could be as young as 17 and as old as 50 years. Pirates were strictly men didnt have strong family ties, and lead a colourful life, and one which was expected of ordinary labour. Being a pirate was a high risk occupation. Piracy and privateering was the job of a pirate. On board of the ship, surgeons and navigators and ship carpenters were critical due to their knowledge because life on the ship was spontaneous. A pirate must be prepared for anything. Women were banned on board. However, two women by the names of Ann Bonny and Mary Read disguised themselves as men and lived a life as a pirate. Ann Bonny met and fell in love with the pirate Captain Jack Rackham. She disguised herself as a male so she could sail with him within his Vanity preying on Spanish treasure ships off Cuba and Hispaniola. Rackhams Vanity overtook an English boat, and on this boat was Mary Read. Mary Read, since a child grew up disguised as a male, due to personal money grants her mother needed when she was a child. As Marys life proceeded, she knew that life in the 1700s was much easier as a man than a woman. So she wore mens clothing to start her life over. She went to sea on a Dutch merchant ship heading to the Caribbean which was commandeered by English Pirates. By 1718, she began operating as a privateer on this boat. The boat was then taken over by Rackhams and this is when Mary and Ann discovered each others cross-dressing secret and became close friends. These two women were known for violent tempers and ferocious fighting and were ruthless and blood thirsty. late October 1720, docked in Jamaica, the British Navy captured Rackhams
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