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York University
HIST 1080
Molly Ladd- Taylor

ESSAY 1 1 enslaved child during American slavery 2 child worker at turn of the 20 century 3 indigenous schoolchild early 20th-century Canada. differences - - - black children newsies reserves - wipping - black boots - imposed religion - children as property - immigrants - language - - - white privilege junkers change physical appearance - pick cotton (males) or domestic slaves (females) - little mothers - parents came sundays to visit - usually in the south - purpose: earn spare coins or to help the family - white education - boston, nyc, pitts, cincinnati - numbered like inmates similarities 1&2 - females take on mothering role / males used for labour - focused more upon work (not education) - limited education similarities 2&3 - parents knowledgable of their whereabouts & could interact with them - could interact with children their age - received christmas gifts similarities 1& - sexually abused 3 - not by choice - differed because of race/ethnicity - encompassed their entire life (home, school, etc) - taken away from parents - white privilege similarities of - youth all - used for child labour - at the mercy of adults - middle to lower class readings: - - -Isabelle Knockwood, Out of the Depths, chp.2 Harriet Jacobs, “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” david nasaw, children of the city - movie in class - horatio alger, ragged dick Thesis/Intro: In the early 20th century children experienced contradictory experiences regarding their child labour depending on their situation. As apparent in child slaves, child workers & indigenous school children. When viewing each experience, it demonstrates that historically if you were a visible minority you were not only racialized and segregated but, in these cases, taken captive and abused for your differences. Children were only seen as economically worthwhile and put to work in cotton fields, aboriginal schooling or as newsies or black boots. In white society child labour was viewed as italian, irish, etc immigrant children worked small jobs to help their own or families income. If you were closer to the white race you were less likely to be abused but laboured too. The racial minorities were forced or pushed into their positions usually as unknowing slaves or knowingly for a better life as indigenous (to learn the Canadian life style). Whereas child workers usually took the initiative themselves. Through the works of Life of a Slave Girl, the slave movie in class, Children of the City, Ragged Dick and Knockwoods paper, we are given an in-depth analysis of children in north america in 20th century and how situation/placement affects the treatment, brutality and experience of these child labourers. Essay 2 - How race, class, region, GENDER, shape lives of children—which most significant? Gender!!! — ultimately impact type of play & experience of childhood as they’re formed to depict what is expected as adults Thesis/Intro: Race, class and region take part in shaping the lives of children in the early 20th century of North America but I feel gender played the largest role and is most significant in shaping these children's lives. Gender ultimately depicts how children play and experience childhood as they are moulded throughout their youth to fit gender expectations as adults. As seen in Forman Brunell, - Race Rotundo and Bissell Brown’s p-eces, thClasspict how gender affected the child’s exp-rience, as they were givenRegionr appropHarriet Jacobs, Life Isabelle Knockwood, -Milife of a slave if black / slaverygender influenced -hlower class have to work odd jobss). It also resulted in children bein- immigrant — of a Slave Girl out of depth, chapter 2 -Dochild labour - cotton fields or domestic servantults-tlive day to dayed purposes fully (wife or breadwinner). Of course clas- indigenous impacted the - white privilegeha
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