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HIST 2100
Jeremy Trevett

A Herodotus 592thwritten by Herodotus he wrote histories he wrote in the 5 century literature document historical documentwriting history of the war of the Persians more of a social history so more of cause and effect of particular peoples actions and what led to war he is also interested in people ethnography their customs way of lifethe main point of this section is he was the first tyrant what Greeks viewed of what tyranny would be like prophecy by the oracle who was going to rule after him role of the oracle in Greek religionsection f is in important sends response how tyrants express power in Greek whole point of radical democracy is everyone should be equal but to a crazy extent if people become better than everybody else you need to knock them down such as in corn fields he tears them down cuts down tall corn shoots because they arent equal cuts them to make them equalostracism works on the same level as this some people get too powerful so they need to be knocked downsection as model of tyranny and why they think they are badtyranny is about not respecting traditional Athenian values showing why tyranny is so awful and why we shouldnt have it tyrant doesnt respect what Greeks see as integral for social good he does things for his own ex Stripping Athenian woman why this is bad and what Athenian women representedex why defiling his wife is bad D Thucydides 237what does Pericles have to say about Athenian constitution or how is it structuredthwritten by Thucydides he was an Athenian general and he wrote about Peloponnesian war 5 century this is a literature document but historical documentAthenian power and democracy and how it is exerciseddemocracy is the form of government they use but it is not the same as their neighbors in their public lives they are free nobody is above the law but we obey the lawhow Athenian democracy is organizedhow is power in the hands of Athenians There was a juryour constitution is a democracy uses this section of how power is not in the hands of the peopleeverybody regardless of economic standing has the right to contribute to Athenian democracypower is in the hands of minority but whole peopleE Lysias 1 On the Murder of Eratosthenes sections 1826
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