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York University
HIST 2500
William Wicken

History 2500Final ExamMonday April 21 2014 1900 to 2200 hoursRexall CentrePart A 30 marks Historical demographyIdentifyHistory of population and its changes over timeBirth and death two variablesAverage life expectancy was important prior to the 1960sIntervals between birthsAverage age at first marriageAccess to hospital and medical servicesSignificance It allows us the understand the changes in a population and why it is changingHow war economy etc influence historical demography baby boom generationWhy do we see these changes in the post 1940s periodMilitary Service Act 1917IdentifySubscriptionMen being sent to combat WWIDuring the 1917 elections where the conservative party won because of the womens voteSignificance Men who were sent overseas where inferior in combat compared to other countriesRiots broke out in Quebec because of the decision made by Borden to force subscriptionLed to Bordens Union governmentDrove French Canadian supporters into oppositionLabour shortages in the prairies The Cold WarIdentify1945Russia and America uprising powerful nations Canada excluded from the peacemaking process with defeated enemies from WWIIRelates to Igor GouzenkoAmbassadors of Russia not allowed in Canada again until 1953Significance Atomic bomb is createdCanada refuses to use nuclear power for military purposes 20000 officers served in Korea during the Cold WarKorean war increased pressure for military buildupBy 1953 defence budget stood at 2 billionHydrogen bomb H bombNorthern radar polls are created in the arctic by the US as a defence systemRise of the threat of Communism Was a threat to democracyCulture of fear and paranoia is created during this timeIn the long run there was no evidence that the Japanese where traitorsDuring the cold war Japanese citizens where treated poorly and put into containment camps Relates to Japanese InternmentCCFIdentifyCooperative commonwealth federation developed in 1932Consisted of labour leaders socialists that believed in nonviolent overthrow of the governmentJS Woodsworth Methodist minister and social worker from Winnipeg was the first leader of the CCFTommy DouglasAllied with Methodist and prespateariansReformists that emphasized social and moral aspects towards newcomersSignificance In 1933 the CCF lost against Pattullos liberals There was a code between labour parties whereby they would come to an agreement1For governments to recognize unions and their collective bargaining rights2Lack of purchasing power more money to men and womenThis is done by retaining power and industry to negotiate a fair wageThis was to be performed through unions which would represent that workOne of the ways they could change the lack of demand was by increasing the purchasing power of citizensUniversal healthcare because private healthcare costs where highAlliance between farmers workers and churchesThe depression lead to its formation through the Regina formationRegina Manifesto 1933 CCF advocate government planning 5yr plan regarding public utilitesAlso that there should be public ownership of communication administrationUniversal Healthcare Relates to medical and hospital insuranceHospital and medical insurance IdentifyDevelopment of the welfare state in the 1960sMedical care act 1968By 1968 all provinces had agreed Ottawa to make costsharing arrangements for health careAttempt to end poverty and help citizens1960sGo to the hospital to get medical care which is covered by the government OHIPMedical insurance more universal covers a visit or when someone sees a doctorGovernment rungovernment financed plan and Universal hospital insurance is introduced provincial responsibilityFunding agreements that involve the federal governmentUnder the BNA most of the taxing powers come from the federal government they have the more money than the provenances Federal government would pay 50 if the provinces increased taxes at the timeMedical insurance is introducedSignificance Created a social minimum of providing basic economic security for all CanadiansPrior to the creation of the welfare state 2 million people lived below the poverty lineInfluence the creation of the White Paper Trudeau called income security for all CanadiansResult was a new unemployment insurance plan in 1971
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