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HIST 2500 - Midterm Exam Notes (Summer 2011)

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York University
HIST 2500
Dan Azoulay

HIST 2500 Midterm Exam Notes1 Short Answer Answer 3 of the 8 Given Questions 30 10 for Each Question Identify and Explain the Significance eg person place policy event phenomenon etc Equally based on the Readings and Lectures2 Multiple Choice Circle One Answer for Each Question30 1 for Each Question Circle ONE answer for each of the following 30 Questions Mostly based on Lectures NO triviabased questions such as precise date and names3 Essay Answer 1 of the 4 Given Questions40 Based on general knowledge and broad key themes discussed in the course Naturally placed more emphasis on Lectures Focus on answering WHY WHAT and IMPACTa The First CanadiansOrigins Aboriginal Societies and the European ArrivalMany historians are certain that the earliest European visitors to North America were the Vikings Norseman from Scandinavia The next Europeans were travellers originally looking for travel alternatives to the Orient presentday China and India for spices and silk Since the Ottoman Empire took strict control against travellers heading to the Orient through the Middle East the travellers looked to the west where they can travel by shipsNatives were viewed by outsiders as inferior and therefore neglect by European historians in historical works involving aboriginals disputed the First Canadians mythThe Aboriginals claimed in more than one way that they were in North America since the beginning The Europeans however believe that the Aboriginals came to North America via the Bering Strait during the last Ice AgeCanada appears to have the most diverse Aboriginal groups although historians classify them by geography and divided by the language they speak even if two tribes living on both the west and east coast spoke the same language the geography divides themNortheastern Woodland Aboriginals Algonquians and Iroquoians lived in settlement and agriculture Plains Indians Dakota Blackfoot and the Assiniboine lived by settlements and hunting buffalos bison Northwestern Coastal Indians lived off salmon fishing and forestry and the Inuit were very nomadic throughout the Arctic The only written documents of Aboriginals in North America ever procured were fromEuropean traders in the New World However bias is the large concern with these written documentations because of the lack of understanding between the two groups Europeans often associated the aboriginals with savages and barbarians because of theirunorthodox method of religion Ironically the same can be said for the Europeans themselves because of the unsanitary lifestyle they produced in the Old World Europeans were religious as well but they only believed in one god monolithic whilethe aboriginals believed in every aspects of life natural diversityThe natives shared resources with other members of their tribes while Europeans focused on individual gain and material accumulationPermanent white settlement began in the 1600s The first inhabitants therefore were not Europeans because the aboriginals arrived earlierOther European monarchies followed and Port Royal became the center of French fur trade colony in the new world Acadia Although Aboriginals had distinct societies politics and economy based on theenvironment they live in Europeans believed that they could civilize and educate the natives even though the natives already had a civilization of their own Europeans wished for the aboriginals to conform to their standards and customsb NativeEuropean ContactPassive Victims Fur Trade and Cultural ImpactThe first contact between natives and whites was brief yet perceptions and views of each other was portrayed differently whites viewing natives as savages and vice versaThe natives in later years were quite eager to trade
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