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30 Nov 2017

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Hist 3134: egypt from alexander to cleopatra vii. Alexander the great: became king of macedonia in 336 bc, took o(cid:448)e(cid:396) his fathe(cid:396)(cid:859)s pla(cid:374)s to atta(cid:272)k the pe(cid:396)sia(cid:374) e(cid:373)pi(cid:396)e, battle of issos, 333 bc. Alexander defeated the persian king, darius: further conquests as far as india, died in babylon in 323 bc. Left a ma(cid:272)edo(cid:374)ia(cid:374) go(cid:448)e(cid:396)(cid:374)o(cid:396) (cid:894)(cid:858)sat(cid:396)ap(cid:859)(cid:895) i(cid:374) (cid:272)o(cid:373)(cid:373)a(cid:374)d (cid:894)cleo(cid:373)e(cid:374)es(cid:895). The consequences of ale(cid:454)a(cid:374)de(cid:396)(cid:859)s death: the mai(cid:374) pla(cid:455)e(cid:396)s: alexander had not laid clear plans for the succession. This resulted in a struggle for his empire. This involved several key family members: roxane (his bactrian wife); his unborn son (named. Alexander as well); and his half-brother arrhidaeus (who was mentally handicapped). Several of his generals and administrators also contended for the empire, including: perdiccas; The co(cid:374)se(cid:395)ue(cid:374)(cid:272)es of ale(cid:454)a(cid:374)de(cid:396)(cid:859)s death: the divisio(cid:374) of the e(cid:373)pi(cid:396)e: both ale(cid:454)a(cid:374)de(cid:396)(cid:859)s so(cid:374) a(cid:374)d his half-brother became joint kings (known respectively as alexander.

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