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HIST 3240

Lecture 1Note Tutorials start September 28th September1411647 PMHomework Reading course packChanges in technologyIdea or the thinking around work prior Industrial RevolutionIf you were a worker you were not free no rightsVast majority of humanity had to engage in labourSerfs who owned your land they owned youMajor law governing the relationship between the worker and the boss Master and Servant ActMaster holds all the powerServant serves the master in any and all waysBasic examples in terms of how long you workedIt was taken for granted that you had to remain with the master for however long he saidThe notion that an organization can speak for workers is a very new ideaHow did it changeTechnologyEconomy changesIt was because of a series of actions thatlabour unionstook upon themselvesLimits of hours of workwas one of the first things they campaigned for Labour 1A03 Page 1 Lecture 2 PreIndustrial WorkTutorials start next weekSeptember2111644 PMStaple ProductionGold God GloryDefinitionsBattles have dominated CanadaFisheriesEast Coast fishingMuch sought after jobGetting settlement and economy going depends on having a stapleSemimilitary discipline on the shipsEssential to the early history of the New WorldPeople want to get best spots so they decided to settle in primitive matterVery remote therefore uniqueOutpost fishersremote portsCod stocks fall off 1992there is no cod left after 500 years the Atlantic fishery comes to a haltPeople were always in debt because they needed startup moneyFur TradeVoyageursPeople who were appointed to conduct transportLived a very free lifeDeveloped relationships with aboriginal womenEnvironmental history established by them birds in cloudsVery few people who have the opportunity to workComplicated and fascinating cultural exchangeMutual interdependenceNatives knew the land and Europeans had the goods to tradeHudsons Bay Companylarge amount of capital Passive form of business Hudsons Bay Rule stand around and waitTimberEarly 19th centurySeasonal industry very unusual done in the winterSailing shipsResource extraction industryVery rough and dangerousStaple industries were not very labour basedDevelopment of staple cropsSugar and cottonhuge industry and very much essentialSlave based labour1215 million slaves Canada did not have much big slave based industriesIn the longer term Canada is quite different in that senseCanada in Broader ContextStaple Industrybusiness of extracting or acquiring resource commodities in order to sell them to an external market defined by Harold Innus Not much processingExternal market was mostly feeding British coloniesInvestment and labour about were also shipped out Staples remain essential to Canadas economySettlers and Wage LabourIdeal of Independent PioneerCorn wheatgrown and sold for export family farm modelHarvesting requires contractingGrain is essential is essential because it draws peoplePeople come because they want to be farmers the dreamIndependence was seen as a golden not sustenanceIdeal that drew people from EuropeGetting StartedA lot more expensive than what was expectedPeople do not have that kind of cash flowGood sized land usually takes 25 years to clearNot going to making much money which means equals debtHustling trying to make ends meetDomesticsBoys sent to do workMixture of JobsGender DivisionBoys and fathers did a certain type of machismo workWomen did domestic workWintertimberFamily is always together on the plotView and Role of Paid WorkTransition Stage Pillar of CommunityRespectability Labour 1A03 Page 2 RespectabilityIndependenceYour own bossWage labour was the thing to get by means to an endHeavy air of failureEventually you get to the stage of independenceOrganizingDid not want to organizeReal answer was to get out of that environment entirelyNo sympathy within the communityCraft WorkersEarly Craft ProductionSkilled trade workers who made products essential to the communityProduced locallyThey provide key things for the communityHow good they were in their jobs that reflected the overall environment of your community1015 peopleSmall scale production Roles in the Shopvery clear hierarchyMasterOwner of the shopMost skilled workHandled the businessBusiness was done with people who were already known small communityAccountable to the communityJourneymanSkilled workersMoving around getting skillsApprenticesBrought from a young age to learn the trade and how to grow up responsible menConsidered part of the familyPaternalismSet of rulesWas not a great difference between family and workRespectabilityGetting into this class was difficultQuality of life was higher because people were accountableChurch and played the rolemodelsWorkers ControlThey are in control of business and pricesExcised control in a respectable wayEarly craft worker unions would set lists of price based on product and serviceUnion RateTransportationCatalystShipping networks canalsRailroads Imports are much less expensiveMakes small communities much les s isolated Labour 1A03 Page 3
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