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HIST 3775 - Chronology Review (Summer 2012)

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York University
HIST 3775
Chin Chai Lim

HIST 3775 Chronology Review Prehistory to the Bronze Age 5000 BCE - 1500 BCE: Neolithic Period (Sai Kung, Human Settlement, Fishing Hooks, Pottery) 1500 BCE - 220 BCE: Bronze Age (bronze technology, moulds, fishing, rock carvings) Iron Age to Pre-Colonial Period 221 BCE - 207 BCE: Qin Dynasty (China unified, Nanhai, Yue conquered in 220 BCE) 207 BCE: Qin Dynasty collapsed (regional autonomy, Nan Yue Kingdom) 202 BCE - 220 CE: Han Dynasty (reunification, Nan Yue re-conquered, military expansion) 618 - 907: Tang Dynasty (lime kilns, coins, construction, trade) 960 - 1279: Song Dynasty (settlers, soldiers in Tuen Mun) 1000: South China / North Vietnam split (political fragmentation, Vietnam independence) 1279 - 1368: Yuan Dynasty (Mongol rule, Chinese refugees, Tuen Mun Harbor, Cantonese?) 1368 - 1644: Ming Dynasty (Xinan peace country, Salt in Kowloon Bay, Pearls at Tolo Harbor) 1400s - 1490s: Opium is an aphrodisiac in China 1400s - 1590s: Opium is laudanum in Europe 1500s - 1890s: Globalization of Trade, Imperialism, Wealth, Power, civilizing mission 1535: Portuguese in Macau 1600: British East India Company (BEIC “country traders”) established 1644 - 1911: Qing Dynasty (original villagers + Hakka, fishing/farming villages, walled villages, land developments, Sha Tin land reclamation, coastal trade, periodic markets of Cheung Chau and Tai Po) 1660s - 1670s: Coastal evacuation 1700s - 1790s: BEIC monopoly on Indian opium 1700s - 1890s: Industrial Revolution (mass production) 1757: Canton Trade System (seasonal trade, cohong access, subject to Chinese laws) 1793 - 1794: McCartney Mission (British trade mission / Chinese tribute mission) 1800s - 1890s: Sino-centric Worldview / Euro-centric Worldview 1830s - 1860s: Triangular Trade between Britain, India, and China 1830s: Trade debate in Britain (monopoly versus free trade, national trade) 1834: BEIC lost China trade monopoly 1839 - 1842: Opium War (Sino-British negotiations, Lin Zexu versus Charles Elliot) 1841: Hong Kong Island Ceded 1842: Treaty of Nanjing (Canton system abolished, treaty ports, extraterritoriality, Hong Kong Island formally ceded) 1840s - 1850s: Further Disagreements (inland taxes, access to inland China, embassies in Peking) 1856: Arrow Incident, French missionary killed, Anglo-French occupation of Peking 1857 - 1860: Arrow War (Second Opium War) 1860: Peking Convention (more treaty ports, opium legalized, diplomats in Peking, inland access to missionaries, Kowloon Peninsula ceded) 1860 - 1895: Se
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