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HIST 3838 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Civilizing Mission, Happy Felsch, Eddie Cicotte

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HIST 3838
Colin Mc Mahon
Study Guide

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Exam Review (sport is war minus the shooting)
Part A: Identify and explain the significance (for the social history of modern sport) of 3/6
terms, publications, images, events, or individuals
-Jack Johnson:
-african american heavy weight fighter
-won against burns in 1908
-won the heavy weight champion 1910 in Nevada against Jeffries
-gave a face to the black society
-was mentioned in his autobiography
-the video in class by kent burns
- significance:
-challenged black inferiority
-a polarizing figure, to white he was seen as the villain and blacks as the hero but didnt
embrace either ideology.
-heavy weight figure embodied white hypermaculine/ the ultimate man.
-Widely accepted that black men made poor fighters because they were cowardly and had
weak stomachs
-his fall from grace— he was arrested. 1912 under white slave traffic act
-his multiple relationships with white women depicted fear of mixed race relationships
-his misogyny
-The Olympics:
-1896 athens created by Baron Pierre de Coubertin
-some athletes competed in multiple sports
-were very little successful with 13 countries participating and 311 male athletes competing.
-women weren't allowed initially until 1912 when more feminine events were held
-Coubertin proposed that women participation should be limited to the more feminine
appropriate, aesthetic events such as gymnastics, swimming, fencing and tennis
-Morrow and Walmsley, Ch. 11 “The Olympic Games”
-Film: Leni Riefenstahl, Olympia 1938 (idealized arian body, patriotism, hitler)
- significance
-century of rapid change—industrialism, urbanization and ppl felt cultural disconnected
and the games brought ppl together
-women involvement in the olympic games led to the beginnings of gender inclusion and
the women olympic games in 1922 paris
-brings forth patriotism for the country and nationalism, establishes rivalries and strength
hierarchies (militarism, gender, racial influences)
-Tension between nationalism and internationalism
-Muscular Christianity
-since the 17th century
-celebration of manhood through vigorous sports
-tempered by moral values and transferred to other aspects of life
-middle class reformers inspired by evangelical Christianity saw sport as a way to inspire
change in working class youth and immigrants
-Church outreach and youth programs used cricket, rugby, badminton, rowing, and soccer to
inculcate the ‘morals’ of hard work discipline etc.
- significance
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Exam Review (sport is war minus the shooting)
-gender roles
-strength of masculinity shows passion and pious
-healthy mind, body, spirit
-1919 Chicago White Sox Scandal:
 !"##$
-Sport as a tool of imperialism
-& '&,34$&$
-Suffrage Movement
-arson campaigns in UK
-hikes as sport, publicity & propaganda
-mainly wealthy women could afford to be apart of suffrage marches (though they tried to
appear class conscious), furthering class distinctions
-many southerners objected to the black women suffrage; yet pilgrims felt strongly that all
women, no matter the race, should receive the right to vote
- Significance
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