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HIST 3850 Midterm Exam Notes (2011-2012)

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HIST 3850
William Wicken

HIST 3850 Midterm Exam Notes Part A Multiple Choice 10 10 Questions Part B Short Answers 40 Answer All Questions Part C Essay Question 50 1 Question See Below Criminal Law Relations between the misbehaving individual and the government through establishment of rules of conduct breach prosecution conviction and punishment The government then takes away the freedom money some of each or life of the convictRembar Organic Law The law is always growing and evolving Nurturing the growth of the law is our job as humans The law is also a growing organism in itself Ambiguity of the Law The law is never perfectly precise to the last detail It is the legislature that creates and passes bills while it is the job courts and attorneys to interpret them Differences between Criminal Procedures in the United States and in CanadaUnited States Decentralized System State courts are three tiered by either limited jurisdiction or general jurisdiction Intermediate appellate courts and Courts of Last Resort are included in state courts but they do not follow the jurisdiction rules Federal courts on the other hand have their focus on constitutional congressional and citizenship issues of different state laws The levels of the federal court system include District Courts Courts of appeal and the United States Supreme Court USSC o States have more control over criminal procedures than the federal government but judges for the USSC are appointed by the president of the United States including incumbent members who had previous presidents appoint themCanada Unified System Provincial courts are three tiered by jurisdiction They emerge out of various lower courts including countydistrict courts The Superior Courts
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