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Health Studies
HLST 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Tutorial Participation 12 Case 1 A 72 year old man is brought to the ED after he suddenly collapsed at homeHis breathing was very shallow when the paramedics medics arrived and he was comatoseThe medics put a tube into his trachea into his lungs in order to support his respiratory function and he needed to be put on a ventilator His heart was beating and his blood pressure was normal but he was not awake and was not movingA CT scan of his brain indicated that he had sustained a large hemorrhage into his brain and the neurosurgeons felt that there was no possibility for recoveryThey suggested that the tube be removed from his lungs and that the man be kept comfortableThe family was adamant that the tube be left in place and that the man be supported on the ventilatorQuestions for discussionWhat factors shouldshould not be considered in the decisionmakingIs there a difference between withdrawal of life support and euthanasiaWould the issue be different if the health care team wanted to ma
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