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Human Resources Management
HRM 2600
Peter Modir

Chapter 1 The World of Human Resources ManagementMULTIPLE CHOICE1Building a skilled and motivated workforce is the job of which of the followingaHR managersbline managerscHR and line managersddepartment managersANSCREFpage 4OBJ1BLMUnderstanding2What are the competencies of the human resources managerabusiness mastery HR mastery and personal credibilitybbusiness mastery HR mastery and executive masterycchange mastery personal credibility union mastery and HR masterydbusiness mastery HR mastery personal credibility and change masteryANSDREFpage 30OBJ1BLMKey TermsUnderstanding3Which of the following is one responsibility of the human resources manageragiving advice and counselbrecruitingctraining and developmentdpayrollANSAREFpage 29OBJ1BLMKey Terms4HRM plays an important role in organizations by balancing the sometimes competing demands of which of the followingacompetitive challenges and international challengesbinternational challenges and employee concernscemployee concerns and HRM challengesdcompetitive challenges and employee concerns Copyright 2011 by Nelson Education Ltd1ANSDREFpage 5OBJ1BLMApplication5Which of the following is the best example of how globalization presents challenges for HR professionalsaHR information programs are now written in multiple languagesbJob candidates are from diverse and international backgroundscInternational travel is inconsistent with corporate social responsibility initiativesdOrganizations worldwide are changing the way they do businessANSBREFpage 7OBJ2BLMApplication6Which of the following types of work would a knowledge worker most likely engage inadeciding which type of fertilizer to buy wholesale for a landscaping businessbcounting the number of grocery items in carts leaving a wholesale storecmonitoring children on new daycare playground equipmentdinstalling new ink cartridges in colour photocopiers in an office environmentANSAREFpage 8OBJ3BLMUnderstanding7Which of the following is an example of corporate social responsibilityaProviding speedreading courses for frontline staff to improve their abilities in absorbing new informationbSharing knowledge freely throughout the organization to improve employee efficiency and workflowcInstalling noisereduction baffling in plants to decrease anticipated community complaintsdProviding careercounselling to outsourced employees to increase their ability to find workANSCREFpage 7OBJ2BLMApplication8Which of the following is an example of an important impact of information technology on HRMaPaper waste from employee files is drastically decreasedbMany HR functions can now be considered selfservecEmployee recording of all types is carried out much faster Copyright 2011 by Nelson Education Ltd2
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