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Lecture 1-12 FULL notes (though lecture by lecture files are posted, I combined ALL 12 lectures in one single file so students can have it in one single download)

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Human Resources Management
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HRM 3400
Anna Blake

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Occupational HealthSafety ManagementHRM 3400Winter 2012Anna BlakeLecture 1IntroductionJan 09Occupational Health and SafetyThe focus of this course is to introduce students to the broad field of occupational health and safety OHS management under the conceptual framework of a healthy workplaceStudents will learn about federal and provincial occupational health and safety legislation hazard recognition assessment and control techniques physical chemical biological ergonomic including sociopsychological aspects and the management of safety programs The overall goal is to provide in a relatively nontechnical manner an approach to OHS that is applicable to students in human resources as well as those seeking careers in health and safety and other areas of business and managementHistorical PerspectiveEarly emphasis on illness caused by exposure from mining lead gold silver copper zinc iron mercury1800sIndustrial revolutionoMachinists exposed to oils used for lubricants during cutting and grinding operations acne and skin diseases oDeaths from injuriesoMechanization of spinning and weaving resulted in Byssinosis brown lung from the dust LegislationoEarly 1800s brought about the factories acts child labour lawso1884 Ontario Factories Act o1978 last major overall Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act 8 years after OSHA in the USA after the 1976 Report of the Royal Commission on the Health and Safety of Workers in Mines the Ham Royal Commission Psychosocial Work EnvironmentThe psychosocial work environment includes the organization of work and the organizational culture the attitudes values beliefs and practices that are demonstrated on a daily basis in the enterprise and which affect the mental and physical wellbeing of employeesThese are sometimes generally referred to as workplace stressors which may cause emotional or mental stress to workers Personal Health Resources1Personal health resources in the workplace means the supportive environment health services information resources opportunities and flexibility an enterprise provides to workersTo support or motivate their efforts to improve or maintain healthy personal lifestyle practicesAs well as to monitor and support their ongoing physical and mental health Enterprise Community InvolvementEnterprises exist in communities affect and are affected by those communities Since workers live in the communities their health is affected by the community physical and social environmentEnterprise community involvement comprises the activities expertise and other resources and enterprise engages in or provides to the social and physical community or communities in which it operates and which affect the physical and mental health safety and wellbeing of workers and their families It includes activities expertise and resources provided to the immediate local environment but also the broader global environment Corporate social responsibility Physical Work EnvironmentThe physical work environment is the part of the workplace facility that can be detected by human or electronic senses including the structure air machines furniture products chemicals materials and processes that are present or that occur in the workplace and which can affect the physical or mental safety health and wellbeing of workersIf the worker performs his or her tasks outdoors or in a vehicle then that location is the physical work environment Business Case for Health and SafetyLegaloCompliance with the lawOccupational health and safety act and regulationsoNot being aware of legal requirements is not a defense for noncomplianceoMinimum standards for business operationsEconomicoAccident costs2005 average LT injury in Ontario71300Add other costs can rise to well over 100000 directindirect costsoInsurance costsworkwell audit oHighrisk workplace initiativeoMinistry of labour finesoEffect on bottom line profit marginMoraloShould be anchored in values and ethics of the corporation2oEmployee relationsPlace you want to work inoPublic trustProtect good nameoCustomer relationsEthics versus Compliancebased ProgramEthicsoSlow burnerlong time frameoPreventionoPrinciplesbasedoValues drivenoImplicitoSpirit of the lawoGreyoAlignment with valuesoDiscretionaryoMore difficult ComplianceoConstant monitoringoDetectionoLawbasedoFear drivenoExplicitoLetter of the lawoBlack and whiteoRequires obedienceoMandatory oEasier Basic ConceptsDefinitionsoAccidentAn unplanned undesired event not necessarily resulting in injury but damaging to property andor interrupting the activity in progressoHazardAn unsafe condition or activity that if left uncontrolled can contribute to an accidentillnessoOccupational health and safety OHS managementThe identification evaluation and control of hazards associated with the work environmentoOccupational injuryAn injury cut fractured sprain or amputation resulting from a workplace accidentoOccupational IllnessAny abnormal condition or disorder caused by exposure to environmental factors associated with employmentTypes of hazardsoPhysical3
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