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Human Resources Management
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HRM 3410
Paul Fairlie

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HRM 3410 FINAL Lecture notesCH681Off the job instructional methodsinstructional methods refer to the techniques used to stimulate learning It usually takes place in or outside a classroom or formal setting for the purpose of learning And even incorporated into computerbased trainingindividual instructional methods are combined to create a program or course referred to as a training session seminar workshop symposium or conferenceThere are 9 methods under instructional methods1 Lecture A training method in which the TR presents to TEs the training content to be learned It involves a unidirectional flow of information from the TR to the TE Although lectures have a reputation as a boring training method he research evidence indicates that lectures are effective for training several types of skills ad tasksads1it can cover large amount of information for large group of TEs I a short time period cost less money It is very efficient method2the key information can be emphasized and repeated TR can be assured that TEs are all hearing the same message when the information is really important like instructions or changes in procedures3it is useful to explain to TEs what is follow in the rest of a training sessionmany people are comfortable with this method because of familiar and requires little attendance disads1not effective for development of skillschange of attitude It is a forced passive learning2does not accommodate differences in ability3little learner involvement Tips for TRs1the TR should begin a lecture with an introduction to the topic and inform TEs about what they will learn and or be able to do or accomplish by the end of the lecture2they should gatherarrange information in logical order3they can transcribe notes onto paper so the detail information can be placed4it is helpful to break the lecture into 1015 minutes segments with a short stretch of time between and to summarize the material at both the beginning and the end stppong occasionally to allow TEs to catch up and to write their own summaries 5TR should ask TE questions or include activities improve TE involvement 2DiscussionAllows twoway communication between the TR and TEs as well as among TEs It is one of the way to increase TE involvement in the learning processit serves 5 purposesTips for TRs1TR should create a participative culture at the beginning of a training program They have to get TEs to buy into the process as an activity that is both interesting and useful2TR can reflect the questions r comments back to the TEs 3they can also draw out reluctant members while the TRs utilizes he energy of mre assertive individual Keep focus on the topic4 control the dominate members and given roles such as scribble presenter and discussion leader 5keep group small only 46 people in a group6 assign welldefined tasks with time frames 3Case studyTEs discuss analyze and solve problem based on real situations It encourage open discussion and analysis of problems and events TEs apply businessmanagement concepts to relevant real life situations Most cases present situations in which the problems are correctable the objectives of a case studyads1the case study teaches TEs to think for themselves and develop analytical and problemsolving skills while the TR functions as a catalyst for learning 2It can develop analytical ability sharpen problem solving skills encourage creativity and improved the org of thoughts and ideasfor this method to be effective there are some requirements the qualifications of both the TEs and the TR affect he ability to analyze cases and to draw conclusionspace and time dimensions are importantTEs need time to analyze cases properlycase studies and discussions work best in an open and informal atmosphereTips for TRs1the case should be a product of a real orgnal situation A fictitious case could be regarded with boredom and distrust as the setting might seem to unrealistic The case
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