HRM 3422 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Employment Contract, Quasi-Contract, Minimum Wage Law

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Common law + regulatory standards= employment law. Common law untruthful and the person is harmed then you can get money from the people the rules, sets all the wage rates, and makes all the decisions on things like discipline, promotions, and hours of work. Tort- area of the law when judges over time (centuries) judges if one person harms someone the other way. Non union workplace = don"t know vacation time. If you say something lower court must follow higher court decision even if they don"t agree with. If employee doesn"t like the contract they can quit. Every employment contract involves a voluntary exchange. You will not find a common law right for minimum wage, or vacation. Lower court must follow decision of higher court. Common law is a system of rules created by judges over the century that deal. Negligence- committing an unintentional harm , if an employee gets with disputes arising under contracts.