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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Summary of Main PointsHRM3450 Fall 2012 Module 4Bell 2012 Chapter 6 Identity Group AsiansAsian Americans ContextHistoryPopulationEmploymentExperiences of DiscriminationWomen vs Men in this identity groupDuring the 18801918 Canada The 2006 Census data shows that South Asians Stereotypespositive stereotypes good at math Asian women earn less than Asian imposed a head tax on Chinese followed by Chinese and Black make up most of and technically smart hardworking highly men in every earnings category immigrants The racist treatment of Canadas visible minorities More than half 52 educated wealthy negative stereotypes Asian immigrant women are Asian immigrants was to be of Canadas visible minorities live in Ontario and passive nonconfrontantional and lacking in particularly likely in family owned repeated during WWII the only BC Six of every 10 visible minorities live in businesses computer communication and language skills regardless difference was the targetthis time Toronto or Vancouver Between 2001 and 2006 of weather they are native English speakers manufacturing and garment was the Japanese Canadians The 404 of all new immigrants to Canada chose arrogant etc These common misperceptions industry retail industries like head tax was intended to slow the Toronto as their destination South Asians account work to prevent Asians from advancing in clothing and health and personal arrival of Chinese and soon after for 135 of Torontos population organizations and often confine them in care stores Hospitals nursing and the Japanese In 1885 it was set at positions with little communication leadership residential care facilities employ As a group Asian Americans have more education 50 In 1990 it was set at 100 and decision making resulting in glass walls 69 of Asian women Many than other racialethnic groups in the US More than This tax did however not slow the and ceiling and sticky floors An accurate Asian women occupy lowerpaid 52 of Asians of all categories have college influx of Chinese thus the tax was perception of Asian Americans is that they are lower status positions and degrees compared to about 30 of Whites 20 of more likely to start their own businesses than increased to 500 per person in experience discrimination in these Blacks and 13 of Hispanics On the other hand 1903 The Chinese are credited other minority groups Researchers that higher industries They also may do Asians are also more likely not to have completed with having made a huge levels of entrepreneurship among Asians are in piecework Despite all that many high school than whites 132 versus 10 Asian contribution to the bu
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