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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Summary of Main PointsHRM3450 Fall 2012 Module 4Bell 2012 Chapter 7 Identity Group WhitesEuropean AmericansContextHistoryPopulationEmploymentExperiences of DiscriminationWomen vs Men in this identity groupEuropean immigration to Canada The White population is declining as a Glass ceiling and glass wallswomen For White men and women at all educational started with the colonization of the new percentage of the total as a result of onlylevels womens earnings are about 70 of land At the beginning immigration was immigration and higher birth rates among mens Contributing to the malefemale slow and only fishermen farmers people of colour The term White refers Gender pay gapmale vs female payearnings gap is the fact that White women to those whose origins were any of the merchants slaves etc came to Canada work fewer hours even working fulltime and Most of them were British and French original peoples of Europe the Middle Women are more likely to report have shorter tenure than men Patriarchal After the 1880 Europeans had left the East or North Africa and includes those discrimination22 as compared to systems disadvantage White women as they do old continent hoping to find better who label themselves Irish German 3 of men Discrimination in job other women In many cases White women opportunities for themselves elsewhere Italian Lebanese Arab Polish among placement and job steering femalewere unable to own property enter into Many went to the US South and others dominated jobs is less visible but contracts or make decisions about themselves Central America and Canada Other nonetheless a strong force affecting or if married about their children Although factors that brought immigrants into The average educational levels of whites White womens earnings and outcomes they were White they were also women and Canada were the fact that the US closed are higher than those of Blacks and The most common jobs for White subject to patriarchal systems and ideas As a Hispanics but generally lower than those its borders Yukon gold rush huge womenincluding clerical jobs and result Black men at least in theory obtained construction projects like the of Asians While about 30 of Whites elementary school teachingare sex the right to vote in 1870 50 years before White transnational railway the opening of the have at least a bachelors degree more segregated these are jobs that are women did West and new developments in farming than 50 of Asia
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