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HRM 4495
Ron Alexandrowich

HRM 4480 Final notesCh12 Cultural diversity in org1 Management of Cultural DifferencesGlobalization influenced international business and managerial functions all over the world Business appears to be the most suitable candidates for globalization particularly those in the industrial financial and service sector The obstacles for those sectors in globalization processsize of the org with multinationalstime with longterm strategiescomplexityinformation and communicationThe globalization of companies of companies seems to be linked to the cultural diversity of orgs which in turn is connected to the internationalization of orgs 2 Management culture and multinationalsFundamental issues with regard to the effects of the globalization process on managerial function This includes the way executives conceive the interaction between different cultures presentEGA multinational embraces operating companies in Asia should it advocate Western values or should it embark on the new process of intercultural learning based on the application of reasoning a strategy of learning multinational structureOwing to geographical spread of this structure diversity is inherent to the organization concerned This type of structure has an internal org whose culture is affecte b the cultural diversity present These companies attach grea importance to managing multinational diversity within the firm rather than managing cultural differences external to the firm Management culture in multinationals1Dominant management culture that is a copy of the multinationals home countryEG American management in a US multinational2Dominant transnational management culture created by the mothers companys founders using clearly defined specific values a culture present in all the multinationals operating companies3Minimum management culture leaving room for national culture in all their diversity in all these cases the multinational must perform two roles at once an integrating roles and an adapting role It not only has to ensure that the companies forming the group remain integrated and thus able to continue as a multinational It also has to ensure that it respects the different national groups of clients and EEs by making the necessary adaptions 3 Transnational CultureTransnational is a management mentality combining the abilities of the multinational global and international firms flexibility efficiency and transfer of expertise The managers at headquarters add in the subsidiaries abroad are responsible for coordinating these capacities throughout the different units of the org The top management must bring added value to the transnational company in the same way as the executives operating at all levels of the org this means that the top management are not just content to create an operational framework in which the responsibilities of the functional and geographic groups are clearly defined Role of top management is to Create a common vision Shared set of values to reflect managers goals4 Diversity and transcultural competence in orgA human charastic that allows a differentiation to be made between people Managers may well see their EEs as individuals but they should also be aware of the diversity and the charastic inherent in each specific groupDiversity todayFrom compliance and representation to building inclusiveness and engagement Inclusiveness reflects societal values of respect trust and equal opportunityCollaboration generates greater creativity and innovationDiversity is an organizational reality to be leveraged for sustained developmentstages of diversity Affirmative actionMeasure of success was quantitativeRecognizing differencesAcknowledge unique differences of colleaguesSupport individual contributionsValuing differencesCreating an inclusive environment where individuals are valued for their ideasQualitative measure of successManaging diversityUsing diverse workforce as strategic business toolCreating competitive advantageBenefits from diversity More flexible to repositionOpen to new ideasMore aware of consumers needsDevelop creative projectsChallengecommunication and integrationpractices adopted by the organization across the board
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