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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

testosterone 9/25/2012 8:59:00 AM Studies at first! If you reduce testosterone the aggression reduces! Because men tend to have more of testosterone circulating in the system. There is an actual complex connection “circumscribed” mating season  usually testosterone is dormant but this short little time … they become active for that little bit of the season. Correlative = indirectly related….tendency for things to happen! There is a pattern! “Normal levels of testosterone appear to be a prereqquite for normative levels of aggressive behavior” - There seems to be a direct link between t and aggression with difference cuz it causes segregation – resulting in hierarchy - the “I am better than yourself” Page 8 – last para is important!  Aggression causes testosterone levels to increase Because of the strong science – its hard to convince pop culture without male support – its hard to bring up a child There is no maternal instincts – some women and men are just good parents. Scientists study what they want to see as results from their experiments.  Its variable in every individual “Permissive effect”  pg 9! Know the term whether you have a lil bit or a lot  there is no direct correlation you need some testosterone for normal behaviour  Monkeys number 3, 4, 5 important Number 3 is aggressive with 4 & 5 but gentle with 1&2  Exaggerating the aggression that’s already there! The amygdala and its relation with hypothalamus! (know in depth) This is important! Nature: biological, innate (born with it), in your genes, within your physical make up, heredity. Nurture: Environmental, upbringing, influence  ties into power  all for power  if its nurture – it is changeable …we can unlearn it LEARN  POWER CHANGE SOCIAL JUSTICE Sexuality is malleable --- there is no normal sexuality Important Note: Page 12! : Analyzing the social processes that construct the categories we call “male” and “female”, “women” and “men” and “homosexual” and “heterosexual” uncovers the ideology and power differentials concealed in these categories.  When we deconstruct by what we mean by male and female  what we are trying to do is the power differences the live and make these categories.  it is all really about power! Lecture 2 9/25/2012 8:59:00 AM People begin to question the religious notion Evolutionary biology had a huge impact on Western thought on race, citizenship because:  Darwin asked: “how do certain species come to be the way they are!?”  “Why is there such an astonishing variety of species in our world”  “why do species differ within the species and yet so similar?” Hence his theory of natural selection  those considered reproductively fit – will reproduce and vice versa but even if they reproduce they wont survive.  “survival of the fittest” Biological deterministic analysis (of body)  women’s body rejecting a male’s sperm based on her social relationship with him. “Men has the tendency to be aggressive and competitive…” “Social Darwinianism”  darwins idea about science of species in their natural environment and applying it to differences within the human
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