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Human Rights and Equity Studies
HREQ 1920
Elizabeth Brule

Jasmin De MatosMalesFemales Relationships HREQ 1920Mid Term Exam Study SheetPART IDefinition of the concept 2Significance of the concept in terms of the text which it is found and in the course 2Identify the author or text in which the concept is found 11 Heteronormativity a Heteronormativity is a dominant discourse in todays society that normalizes heterosexual relationships andcriticises anything that falls out of this social norm In other words this normality between males and females is considered a natural process natural in what we call our physical sex or biological sex with our gender identity and our gender roles Anything that falls out of this dominant discourse such as gays lesbians bisexuals and transgender people become stigmatized and demonized by society because of the deviation from this normative frameworkb CJ Pascoes Compulsive Heterosexuality Masculine and Dominance This reading focuses on how engaging in public practices of heterosexuality such as straight teenage boys talking about desires to have sex with females defends boys against being emasculated and affirms their personhood through sexualized interactions that indicate to themselves and to others that they fit into societys dominant sexual discourse This is important because it mirrors how the normalization of heterosexuality is embedded into individuals starting at such a young age even through institutions such as the family and at school children are taught only about the binary sexual orientations which is male and female This creates a society in which all individuals have the same expectations of others to also fit into this normative framework and when they do not they are criticized and demonized for their deviation from heterosexuality and heterosexism 2 Penis Envya How an infant becomes a girlNeither the girl nor the mother has a penis the girl is angry at the mother for this and identifies with the father She must transform the wish for the penis with a wish for a babyb Sigmund Freud Femininity Freuds reading on Femininity suggests that young children specifically girls develop envy for their lack of having a penis because of their mothers actions throughout three phases of their childhood oral anal and phallic sexual development This reading is important because it suggests that males young or old is the dominant sex in society
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