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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Final Guide: Time Management, Presentation Of A Group, Thesis Statement

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Critical Thinking/Learning Portfolio: Part B
I would like to begin by saying that I found this course Fantasy and Topographies of
Imagination to be excellent. I enjoyed all the new things this course taught me, while helping me
refresh my previous knowledge. To begin, my participation during the tutorials has been
minimal. I have a fear of public speaking, thus I often don’t participate when a new topic is
brought up. However, I try my best to share my perspective when I am very familiar with the
topic or I feel comfortable enough to share my opinion with my fellow peers. I am pleased with
my contributions in class, as I mentioned before I fear public speaking so any contributions I
make is a very big achievement for me, therefore the few contributions that I make enhance my
confidence allowing me to feel more comfortable speaking the next time.
The contributions I make in class are based on my knowledge of the material that we
study each week. I feel that in this course I have been given the great opportunity to learn
something new, and explore new ideas about western culture as well as make connection with the
ideas I already had knowledge of. For instance, I have explored themes such as power of
language in other course such as law, psychology in previous years. Also, I have knowledge of
topics such as fairy tales and analyzing theme from traditional and modern perspective. Some
new knowledge I gained though this course about western cultures that really interested me are
surrounding the ideas of one’s hearts desires, labyrinths, and topography. In addition to that,
during this school year I was able to make connections with another one of my courses to the
lexicon from this course. Mainly, words like, metamorphosis, and nostalgia. Getting involved in
class, sharing my opinion on something, and listening to others perspective on the same topic has
helped me improve the way I analyze things. I think class participation is a key component to

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being successful in a course. It has helped me get a better understanding of what we learn in the
course, and explores my peers views on different topics and compare them to mine.
I believed that writing response papers has definitely excited and motivated me to explore
many different topics, themes, and texts in the course. As I mentioned before I have a fear public
speaking, therefore through the response papers I was more encouraged to explore all the
different ideas and materials and express all my own thought, perspective, ideas. Also I was able
to make connections and analyze things as I was not under any pressure to speak and share with
others. I think that the most challenging way of learning in this course for me was the group
presentation and the class discussions. My fear of public speaking discourages me from taking
pride in my work and all the effort that I put in it. However, since we were bring marked on our
participation during the tutorial, I was encourage to occasionally speak up and share my thoughts
and perspectives on the topic of conversation. Additionally, the more I participated, the more I
started to feel comfortable sharing. As a result, the need to increase my marks through
participation helped me address this challenge.
I think in the beginning of the course my strength was with three main critical skills,
Reading Contextually, Play: Creative Spinning Together of Ideas and How does this relate to my
own experiences? After writing many response papers for the fall and winter term, the expanded
response paper along with the portfolio entries that required me to use different critical skills to
develop my analysis I feel that I have been able to understand and insert many other critical
skills in some of my work though out the year. My experiences in this course have taught me that
there are different ways to approaching an idea and that I should always look beyond what is
displayed or being told and one of the themes in this course has taught me about telling the story
otherwise. Furthermore, exploring the themes and ideas in this course such as identity, power of

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language, power of storytelling, fairy tales and other dominant fantasies of the western culture
has affected my critical thinking skills and how I develop my ideas. As I worked on the different
assignments during the year I had the opportunity to examine themes given to us in the course
beyond my own knowledge or what we established in tutorials. As a result, the only thing I
would change to improve my analysis and thesis is to further analyse the critical skills and the
“Who Benefits?” questions in more depth, and think outside the box to develop a better analysis.
At first I have trouble incorporating the course lexicon into my work. For instance,
instead of using the work “reality” which we established is problematic, I would forget to use the
word mimesis in its place. Furthermore, combining this course lexicon into my own vocabulary
was the most difficult challenge for me. Some words didn’t feel natural using in a sentence. For
example the word mimesis, saying “This is the mimesis” rather than “This is the reality”. As the
year went on hearing the course lexicon in the lecture, including it in my work, and listening to
people in the class use words from the lexicon using discussions made me feel more comfortable
using the course lexicon and with time the words started to naturally become a part of my
sentences as I spoke them or wrote them. Moreover this was a very big development for me in
the course.
The themed that we analysed in the course in connection to different texts helped me
better understand different ideas. I further took those themes and developed them by making
connections to other themes, texts, ideas and personal experiences. As well I made connections
to critical skills we looked at in the course in my work on the Response Papers, essay, and
portfolio entries. I would improve by making specific and clear connections between the themes
and texts.
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