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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cognitive Dissonance, Mimesis, Retronym

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Fantasy and Topographies of Imagination: HUMA 1625
Course Lexicon:
oDominant Fantasy
oNostalgia - Longing for a time past when things were better, a homesickness
A way to deny the present and keep some things in the past.
"Bow to the significance of histories we are too lazy to learn."
(Lippard 85)
oMimetic Description, Mimetic Experience, the Mimetic World, Mimesis (another
word for “real” world)
oThe Material World
oMetamorphosis, Transformations (ex. Alice’s change in size)
oFigurative language
oRetronym (Frank Mankiewicz)
Existing term to be distinguished from a new one
oAlternative Fantasy
Those fantasies different from, outside of, excluded by or silenced by
Dominant Fantasies (Primary World to Secondary or Alternate Worlds)
oAlternative Fantasies or Counter Fantasies
Values/beliefs distinctly different from, conflict with, the dominant fantasy
The dominant fantasy no longer adequately explains a person's experience
Concern the dominant fantasy contradicts experiences of others
Realization that the dominant fantasy has persuaded us to make meaning of
our experiences in ways that are not in our best interests and may actually
obscure our best interests
oCognitive Estrangement – familiar ideas made to seem strange (Ex. “She
Unnames Them” & “The Disappearance of Elaine Coleman” texts in the course
oCognitive Dissonance is when there is a difference between what you believe
and how you behave/act.
oPraxis Action(s) taken as a result of self-reflexive consideration of some aspect
of one's own cognitive dissonance. In other words: when you critically examine
whether you put your theory into practice, and take some action as a result
(you may rethink the theory to match the practice, or may change the practice
to better reflect the theory).
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Fantasy Lexicon
Labyrinths – (Seems aimless directions but it deliberately leads and misleads –
a.k.a Maze)
Power of Storytelling
Stories within a story
Power of Language
Failure of Imagination
Othered as a result
DF of Education
Class/ Status
Alternative/ Secondary World
Survival Strategy
DF of Science
Power of Naming
DF of Change
Dreams and Dominant Fantasy of Dreams
DF of Time
Metamorphoses/ Transformation
Diversity of Perspective in the World
Personal is Political
Critical Skills
Reading Contextually (taking something out of context): trying to understand
text in context of their own time.
Play: Creative Spinning Together of Ideas (using different ideas to analyze one
concept or theme)
Suspending / Reserving Judgment (waiting until you have fully understood
something to start analyzing it): reserving judgment until you have finished the
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