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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Final Guide: Rob Reiner, Lewis Carroll

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Entry 4
In this fourth portfolio entry I will be using the critical skill “How/Does this move me to
change my thinking/acting/world?” to explore themes and texts that relate and connect to the
course. I will be demonstrating this critical skill through the themes Dominant Fantasy of
Change and Dominant Fantasy of Time which are exemplified in the film “The Princess Bride”,
produced by Rob Reiner and the novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the
Looking Glassby Lewis Carroll. The purpose of the critical skill “How/Does this move me to
change my thinking/acting/world?” is to analyze the events of the film and the novel and
determine how it has change my way of thinking.
To begin, in the film “The Princess Bride” produced by Rob Reiner, we explore the main
theme Dominant Fantasy of Change. However, there is another theme that is prominent in that
film that I will briefly mention which is Stories within a story. It all begins with a sick boy whose
grandfather comes to visit him and tells him a story “The Princess Bride”. This is where a story
is told within a story. The film is about a princess named Buttercup who meets an ordinary man
named Westley and falls in love with him. This is where the first change in the story line takes
place; Westley has to leave the princess and promises to return to be with her. However, after
some time passes she receives the news that he is dead and is forced to marry a Prince named
Humperdinck. The prince makes her all these promises to get her to marry him but his true
intentions are to marry her just so he can kill her and begin a war. After Buttercup is kidnapped
she, she see the Prince’s true intentions and the only way she believes she can be saved is by
Westley who she believes is dead. Nonetheless it turns out Wesltley was alive and come to
Buttercups rescue and saves her from the evil Princess.
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