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HUMA 1625 Final: Portfolio Entry 6

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
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Entry 6
In this sixth portfolio entry I will be using the critical skill “What are the core
assumptions?” to explore themes and texts that relate and connect to the course. I will be
demonstrating this critical skill through the themes Dominant Fantasy of Beauty & Desirability
and Gender which are exemplified in the texts “Cinderella” and “Snow White”, by Grimm &
Grimm and “Reminiscences of Sojourner Truth” by Gage. The purpose of the critical skill,
“What are the core assumptions?” is to analyze the texts mentioned above to determine the
central idea the fairy tales and Sojourner Truth and its significance.
Firstly, through the fairy tales “Cinderella” and “Snow White” by Grimm & Grimm, I
will be analyzing the theme Dominant Fantasy of Beauty and Desirability. To begin with, both
the fairy tales have one thing in common; the main focus of the story is set around a female
figure. In the tale of “Cinderella”, the female figure is a young girl name Cinderella, who is
beautiful, however in the eyes of her stepmother she will forever be a worthless servant.
Nevertheless, Cinderella goes to a ball at the Kings palace, where a prince falls in love with her
beauty. Similarly, in the tale of “Snow White”, the female figure is a young girl name Snow
White. In some stories it is said that Snow White was given this particular name because her skin
is as white as snow. Thus, Snow White’s beauty is the reason she was marked for death in the
story. The queen wanted to be the fairest of them all; she wanted to be the only beautiful women
in the kingdom. Therefore, she wanted Snow White dead. By the same token, just as in
“Cinderella”, the prince fell for her beauty, there was also a prince who fell for Snow White’s
beauty and wanted her to become his queen. Fairy tales have been told for generations. They
have been changed from the time they came into existence up until now. Fairy tales are told to
children and adults for teach them lesson, such as the idea of love, beauty and desirability. The
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