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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Glass Ceiling, Hazel Mccallion

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Response Paper 7
In this section I will be exploring a variety of themes. These themes are Gender,
Dominant Fantasy of Change, and Dominant Fantasy of Time. I will be analysing these themes
through the texts Truth, “I Suppose...”, Gage, “Reminiscences of Sojourner Truth” and Stephens,
“Excerpts, from Wild Women”. In addition to that I will be using the critical skills “Whose
‘reality’ is being presented?” and “How does this relate to my own experiences?” to develop my
To begin, women’s rights have been neglected going back a very long time. This has been
especially cruel for women who are racially different such as black women. Women were denied
their rights because the society or to be more specific men believed that women were not as
capable as them. Due to this women were labelled homemakers and they could not work. Their
job was to stay home and take care of the kids while the men worked to provide for their family.
This idea of women as homemakers was not developed just based on the society’s perspective
but also because of religion. Some religions encourage this notion. Islam is an example of a
religion that promotes this notion. For instance, this past weekend my mosque was hosting a
debate whether women should work or stay home and take care of their kids as well as their
home. They concluded that every circumstance is different, in some situation there may not even
be a choice, in the case of a single mother. We also established that there are many fields out
there today that are run by women and other fields that demand women. If women’s right to
work is taken away who will do the job that is dominated by females? Additionally, even at the
time when women didn’t have equal rights as men there are many women that stood up and
spoke against this cause. An example we see in the text for today is Sojourner Truth, who was a
black women, born a slave, who became a well known preacher and lecturer. She attended the
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