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HUMA 1625 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Neil Gaiman, Labyrinths

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HUMA 1625
Sherry J.F.Rowley
Study Guide

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Response Paper 10
In this section I will be exploring various themes. These themes are Stories within a story,
Power of storytelling, Labyrinths, and Alternative and Secondary World. I will be analysing
these themes through the graphic novel “SANDMAN: Volume 6 fables & Reflections”, by Neil
Gaiman. In addition to that I will be using the critical skill, “How does this relate to my own
experiences?” to develop my analysis.
To begin, I will be exploring the themes Stories within a story and Power of storytelling.
There are a series of different stories told within this graphic novel. In addition to that, there are
stories that are told with in the series of stories in the graphic novel. For instance, the main
stories are, “Fear of Falling”, which is about an author/director who is afraid of facing the
success or failure the production his new play will bring. The next story is called “Three
Septembers and a January”, which explores the history of Joshua Abraham Norton, first, last and
only Emperor of the United States of America. Then came the story of “Thermidor”, this story is
surrounding the character of character of Lady Johanna Constantine. Followed by that came the
stories, “The Hunt”, “August”, “Soft Places”, “The Song of Orpheus”, “The Parliament of
Rooks”, and “Ramadan”. In addition to that, stories such as “The Parliament of Rooks”, and
“Ramadan”, further exhibit the theme stories within a story since they contain stories within the
main story being told. Moreover, the theme power of storytelling is exemplified specifically in
the story “Ramadan”, because as we see at the end the a man was telling a boy the story of the
Caliph Harun al-Rashid and the old city of Bagdad in return for cigarettes. The man does not tell
the boy the complete story leaving him to be curious and wonder about what happened. As a
result, the man who is the story teller made sure that the story becomes a legend and gets told
and retold.
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