HUMA 1710 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Apocalyptic Literature, Babylonian Captivity, Primeval History

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16 Oct 2011

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L3: Introduction to Interpreting the Old Testament
11:39 PM
September 27, 2010
Test Questions:
1. (10 Marks) What are some differences between the two views of creation given in Genesis
chapter 1-3?
2. (10 marks) Describe some similarites and differences between sumerian/ babylonian
myths and the biblical story in the first chapters of Genesis.
Homework: read Genesis 4-22
Hebrew Bible / Old Testament
Parts being written by ca 1000BCE?
Compiled by ca 600-400 BCE
First extant manuscript: Dead Sea Scrolls (250 BCE- 70 CE)
Book has different order/parts for Jews and for different Christian groups
Islam recognizes same God, Abraham, Moses, Jesus
Many diverse interpretations
Islam came around 600 BC after Christianity
Jews - Jesus is not a messiah, but is a prophet, still waiting for there messiah
Islam- Jesus is a prophet, Mohammed is messiah
Different Genres in Bible
Primeval History: creation myth ,Noah
Cultural History: story of Jewish people: patriarchal fathers, journey to
promised land, conquest, exile return
Laws: dietary regulation, priestly cult, farming
Prophetic literature
Wisdom literature
Apocalyptic literature: when will the messiah come?
One Kind of Interpretation: The Literal Approach
Sacred books are the Word of God written by inspired men
Is free from error
To be followed as a spiritual guide
Events described as historically accurate: God created animals (deny
evolution) : first woman were Adam and Eve: flood happened worldwide
Other Interpretive Approaches: Historical and Literacy
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