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HUMA 1710 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Saul, Moab, Orpah

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HUMA 1710
Carol Bigwood
Study Guide

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4:39 PM
October 25, 2010
Test Question:
1. ( 10 Marks) Describe five points of contrast between King Saul and King David
2. (5 Marks) Why is King Solomon called wise?
3. ( 5 marks) Comment on either the section of Ecclesiastes or Songs of Solomon that you read in
your course kit
King Saul`s "mistakes"
Began sacrifice before Samuel, the high priest got to sanctuary
Does not follow through on Yahweh's command to kill all the Amelekites and
Samuel says its better to obey than make burnt sacrifice
Saul is rejected as king by Yahweh
Saul repents but Yahweh sends evil spirit which never leaves him
Saul consults Witch of Endor
Philistine battle is imminent; God not answering
Witch conjures Samuel who tells him he is doomed to die
Young David, shepherd boy, soothes King Saul who is afflicted with evil spirits
David is first called to court because of his musical ability
David will compose song for Saul's death
Many songs attributed to David
Psalms: for public worship bonding individual to community
Likely finally written down after 588 BCE (post-exilic)
King David plays into old age
Songs in praise of being delivered from enemies
Songs of lamentation
Songs for penitence and cleansing
Songs for Gods and Kings have long tradition in Near East
David and Goliath
Icon of the little guy who stands up to the big and powerful
Simple shepherd boy with sling
Asks Saul to permit him to accept Goliath's offer to fight single combat
Saul offers his own armour, David refuses
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David's close relations with Philistines
David and Goliath are cousins through great- grandmothers Ruth and Orpah
(sisters of Moabites)
David later stays with Philistines for about year and half
Many Philistines remain loyal to King David in later life
Quick Battle
David kills Goliath with one stone
Israelites attack Philistines and win
David carries Goliath's head as trophy
Woman praise him
King Saul is envious
Modern David and Goliath stories
Student at Tiananmen Square faces off with tanks
Palestinian boy throws rock at an Israeli tank
King Saul and David (a love- hate relationship), David an outlaw for period of
King Saul dies in battle; Samuel anoints David of King of Judah
King David's rule
House of King Saul (North) and House of King David (South) eventually unite
Conquers Jerusalem and sets up centralizing administrative authority (census
of people, taxes, military)
Brings Ark of the covenant to Jerusalem
No archaeological sites confirm King David's kingdom except one small
fragment from Dan with "House of David" from 800's BCE
King David and then his son King Solomon's Kingdom will be Short-lived
After King Solomon, Kingdom divides: 10 tribes in North (Israel); and 2 in
South(Judah)- Davidic line
Then Divided Kingdom falls, each in turn:
North: 720 BCE conquered by Assyrians
South: 586 BCE conquered by Babylonians
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