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HUMA 1970 Study Guide - Final Guide: Photovoice

Course Code
HUMA 1970
Krys Verrall
Study Guide

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Week 23 Lecture Notes
Reading the Course as a Text
Visual Texts
oChildren’s books
Scholarly Texts
Exam Review
Part A: Winter Term
Part B: Cumulative
oWrite and demonstrate knowledge of first and second term material
Final Exam Format
Term and Concept pairing
Foundations readings
Part B
oWork with 3 primary texts
Example of Term and Concept:
oMay (term) and memory work (concept)
Terms will always come from the creative texts
Concepts come from the creative readings
oIdentify the term from the creative text and its significance to that text
oThen you define the concept that the term is paired with
oExplain the significance of the concept to the course argument
What is your understanding of the course argument
Based on that understanding, how does it apply to the concept of memory
Course Argument
The course is against the dominant ideology that childhood is innocent
Trying to unpack the limitations of the ideology and the problems of ideology
oLook at young people’s images
Photovoice projects (through conversation with a young person) by using
a methodology that encourages you to listen to what they have to say
about their experience of their culture
Photovoice Assignment – things we learned
How easy it is to make assumptions
Even a few years apart from you and your participant makes a big difference because of
Review – Part A
Alexander’s head (Concept)
oVisual text
oHow does this concept work in terms of the course
oConsider it on its own
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