HUMA 2680 Study Guide - Northrop Frye

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27 Mar 2011

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Introduction to early times: literature and the imagination of the child. Is it the literature read to a certain age, or read at a certain age. It"s the idea that children are pure and innocent and as they grow they become old and wicked. But children"s lit. is very different, because children"s literature gets criticized and judged by adults. Kids as critics are unrealiable - tolkien says, that children cannot be critics, because they will like whatever they are given. Adults often use children"s literature, as a means to escape from this reality. Literature is what gives you profit and delight. We enter into one story, we enter into all stories, there is nothing new under the sun (idea of patterns and motifs) All literature is the story of the loss and regaining of identity. Imagination= the power of constructing possible models of human experience (anything goes that"s imaginatively possible-but nothing really happens)

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