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27 Mar 2011

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Development of Children’s Literature
Phase I:
-Medieval ( 1000-1500)
- infant to age 7, they broke up ages differently
- no division of room by age, it’s all communal so children are exposed, they see
everything happening in the household, even servants were part of the household
- culture was essentially all oral, not everyone could read or had access to books: only
royalty, church
- fables, romance, stories of Bible, were children’s literature
-childrens books were used to teach, instruct, dictate behaviours, conduct
-we’re talking about literature written specifically for children
-concept of who is that child, where did the concept develop from
-evolution of themes on genras
-no recognition of distinct children’s literature (there wasn’t anything written specifically
for children)
- oral: folk tales and legends
- at this time, many children died at young ages, they died from infectious diseases and
parenting was based on communal parenting
- what is a child: 1440 creation of crest by GUTTENBURG
-it was thought at this time that there was no such thing as a child,children did not
-child as a adult
- due to lack of image of children as children, they were dressed and looked like
little adults, lack of records
-children had no voice, they were not recognized, non-existing
Phase II:
-Renaissance to 1945
GOAL: protecting the child
- raise of the middle class, hand to hand with printing press
- ability to read which differentiates by age and class
- “child” is recognized, differentiation of room according to age for the middle class
- DaVinci paints child as a baby suckling their mother, so there is now an image of
children, as young, as children…they’re developing an identity as a child
- more of a nuclear unit, separated from the adult world, they are protected and separated
from the adult world
- printing press created steady, accessible to cheap material which is what really changed
child literature
- schooling becomes segregated
- Bible becomes the living language
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