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Barbara Lazar

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Architects of Other Worlds
-fairy-tales: short, oral and fictional
-fantasy: literary, long, fictional and non-realistic
-fantasy came out at the beginning of the 18
century and doesn’t come from folk motif
-novel as a form is realist, something set in our world whereas fantasy is not read
Fantasy is completely fictional and realistic is something that can be real
-beginning in the 1800’s, Victorian time frame
George MacDonald (literary)
-first fantasy novel to be written
-it is set in an alternative world, where the novel takes natural laws and bends them
-laws of the secondary world must be consistent, the moral laws cannot be changed
-good characters have to remain good and if the sun is green is must ALWAYS be green
-mind of man is a product of law, so they must work within this framework
-morality must be maintained, man can invent: but there must be morality, it must make
sense, it cannot help but make sense
-he says man can be a sub-creator, he says the natural world is done by a creator and an
alternate world is created by a sub-creator
( The Hobbit and Tree and Leaf)
-he takes Macdonald’s writing and runs with it
-he saw authors as a sub-creator, a parallel universe that have elements of the primary
world and changes it sky and blue grass
-it has a sort of “Enchantement, it makes you believe, takes you into another world,
that’s why it has to bereal
-written in 1938, because it was something they saw for children, not adults
-involved in “defending fantasy”, the validity of fantasy for adults
-three terms they use: recovery, escape and consolation
Recovery: stimulates, refreshes our sense of this world, like waking up from an illness
Escape: when you leave the real world
Consilation: consolation for things that cannot be in this world, what things should be,
what you desire, what things should be like but cannot be like
-it’s an escape to…not an escape from reality,an ideal world”
Eucatastrophe:a falling out of events, good”, the idea of having a good ending,
something that rarely happens in real life
-Tolkien was a devout Catholic, saw the Bible as the ultimate fairy tale, only difference is
that the Bible is truth, it’s real
-he didn’t like the use of technology, because it was a means of man achieving his
ultimate desires…like planes flying all around the world
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