HUMA 2680 : Carroll Lewis

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27 Mar 2011

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Darwin dethroned man, judge-christ image that humans are created from man, bible word of god, but victorians started to ask questions, started debating accepted thought. After darwin theory, victorians started to question the bible. Idea of mass production stem from victorian period. This working class was a wage earning class. Karl marxx, who recognized this working class and noticed the shock that was happening to the social system once darwin"s theory became prevalent. Pollution became a great disease (idea that the victorian childhood is a reaction to this reality, this uncertainty associated with a rapid/unchanging world. They saw childhood/adulthood as a linear progression: childhood is an image of man . Victorians had the issue of smog of pollution crowding this romantic period, they wanted to create barriers between childhood and adulthood, to build a wall: a separation of two worlds.

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