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Wizard of OZ

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Barbara Lazar

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Wizard of Oz
L.F Baum (1856-1917) (LITERARY)
-new. Wonderful world, first American writer
-adaptable, optimistic author, self-made man, unmade then remade
-he was a consummate consumer, always looking for the next best thing, he liked fun,
amusement rather than opera and what normal people of his class liked
(1900 he wrote WIZARD OF OZ)
-motif of Journey and idea of the “home
-born in New York, youngest of 7 children and had heart problems, he was raised in a
happy home, he was high middle class
-he read fairy tales, was a devout Christian and believed in the Purenic idea of not ready
fairy tales, the idea that fairy tales are against Christian belief
-Frank was home schooled, his early years is when the civil war broke out (early 1860’s),
big cultural difference
-change in economy and culture change, all had affect on Frank at the same time,
furthermore the circus was being developed, the first of its kind: the largest possible
-1868, he was sent to a military academy because his dad didn’t like his interests in
fairies, so instead he was forced to go and study so that he would be more interested in
his father’s business
-he began writing fairy tales, a traveling journalist, traveling salesman and managed his
father’s business
-woman he married was a feminist, his mother in law didn’t like him
-opened a store and would tell his customers stories while they shoped
-he identifies with the “white American”
-he loved living for the moment, eat and drink and live for the moment
-he says the heritage of every child is imagination
1900: Wizard of Oz
-Dorothy doesn’t evolve, she stumbles her way home
-contrast is made between East and West in oppose to north and south
-n original book, every chapter has different color pages to represent its origin
Home Sweet Home”: song Baum was inspired by
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