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HUMA 2830 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: First Epistle To The Thessalonians, Community Rule, Epistle To The Philippians

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HUMA 2830
Philip Harland
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AP/HUMA 2830 Founders of Christianity 11/21/2013
November 29th Midterm Review Information
Essay Question:
- will be about Paul
- hellenistic culture/Judean culture
- letters to corinthians, thessalonians, and philippians
- illustrate Paul as a Judean
- read and understand his letters; draw out info to show that he’s a Judean, that he’s
- works of law, working to support oneself
- his argument against circumcision (using Judean scriptures, well trained in
Judean scripture; read Galations)!
- what do his letters to each community tell us about Paul?!
- other philosophers views on topics that Paul spoke about (i.e. slavery, supporting
oneself, etc) !
- 1 Thessalonians; wanted to get the people to worship just the Judean god !
- Paul’s world view: his apocalyptic world view, which is a Judean world view (look at
dead sea scroll about community rule)
- Example of Hellenistic: what about Paul is Hellenistic? !
- his rhetoric (he’s clearly trained in it); the 3 kinds of rhetoric (deliberative in 1
Corinthians, demonstrative in 1 Thessalonians, & judicial in Galatians) ; how he
applied his rhetoric to each community in his letters (ex. deliberative rhetoric to 1
- identifies himself as a Pharisee
-**read Ehrman chapters on Paul **
Short Answer Questions:
- who is Alexander the great and what is his significance to Christianity?
- terms and concepts we’ve learnt
- quotes (only used if it was a quote we couldn’t not know if we’ve read the readings) !
- ex. “everyone knows idols don’t really exist”!
- 1st Corinthians!
- discuss what it means!
- ex. “for me circumcision or no circumcision is of no significance to me”!
- who does this make you think of? (Paul)!
- Judean views on circumcision!
- look in Galations; what is the situation with the Galations?!
- what was Paul’s purpose in writing the letter to the Galations? !
- what were his opponents doing?!
- why is the concept of circumcision important to Paul?!
- identify/give significance of Philemon!
- identify/give significance 3 types of rhetoric!
- identify/give significance 5 main principles that most Judeans hold !
- “diatribe” and how Paul used it !
- where he anticipates the objections of those who hold a different view from him!
- is a Hellenistic/Roman style of rhetoric (don’t confuse with the 3 types of
- may use this style of rhetoric the most in judicial rhetoric