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HUMA 1105
Donald A Burke

Xenia – Hospitality – greek tradition of hospitality where guests are taken care of before discussing matters. Zeus is patron god of xenia and it occurs in iliad when Agamemnon feasts with officers and akhilleus feasts with friends in book 9 Nostos – homecoming – main plot of the odyssey, the homecoming of greek heroes after the Trojan war. Mainly deals with odysseus and his 10 year journey home Moira – destiny or fate – occurs when akhilleus is given the option of a long life but no glory and surviving the Trojan war or a death at troy but glory in his name Golden age – one of the 5 ages of man described in works and days where man lived among gods and its was a time of peace and harmony in the world Skylla – monster who odysseus had to sail past in order to make his way home. He was warned that she would kill 6 of his men, which she did. Kirke – a goddess who tricked odysseus’ crew and turned them into pigs. Odysseus later stayed on her island for a year and became her lover. She told him the route back to Ithaca, albeit through a deadly passage and into the path of skylla Calypso – beautiful nymph who kept odysseus as prisoner at her island for 7 years until the gods force her to let him go home back to Ithaca. Appears in the odyssey. Eumaios – Odysseus’ friend and shepherd. The first mortal that odysseus meets at Ithaca, although he does not recognize odysessus as he is disguised as a beggar. Odyssey Mnemosyne – she is the titaness of memory. daughter of gaia and Uranus and had the nine muses with zeus. Appears in theogony. Kronos – youngest of the first generations of titans. son of gaia and Uranus. He overthrew Uranus and in turn was overthrown by zeus and the Olympian gods, his children. Theogony. Priam – king of troy. Father of hector and alexandros. Cares deeply for his favourite son, hector and begs akillheus to return his body. Iliad Alexandros – also known as paris. An archer, he is cowardly and self centered. Stole Helen from Sparta, causing the Trojan war. Favoured by Aphrodite. Iliad Kalhkas – seer who is on the greek side. He tells akhilleus that the reason why the mysterious plague that is killing so many greek warriors hasn’t stopped is because agamemnon’s refusal to return khryseis. He causes the rift between Agamemnon and akhilleus and akhilleus swears to protect him. Iliad Khryses – father of khryseis, the woman that Agamemnon took. He pleads with him to return her, which he refuses. Khyrses then prays to Apollo to wish the Greeks bad luck. Apollo unleashes a plague on the Greeks. Iliad Khryseis – daughter of khryses. She was captured by Agamemnon and is very beautiful, Agamemnon rates her higher than his own wife. After returning her, he takes briseis. Iliad Briseis – akhilleus’ lover – Agamemnon takes her in return for returning khryseis. This causes akhilleus to refuse to fight in the war. She becomes the main source of
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